Automotive Working Group Teleconference

23 Nov 2020


MagnusF, Ted, Joakim, Rudi, MagnusG, Gunnar, Adnan


<scribe> Meeting: RPC

[JLR gossip]

MagnusF: I now have a validator for YAML and now a code generator for both north and southbound interfaces
... we'll need this at Toyota but we do not have a clear path for open sourcing yet
... I know we are looking at other things like WoT. this is a primary focus of mine

Ted reports his outreach to CharIN EV, should look at other use cases

MagnusF: let's look at some simpler use cases and willing to transcribe those into YAML and be able to contrast with WoT
... we clearly will need some basic use cases
... maybe SOTA?

Gunnar: Esync Alliance perhaps, we talked with them about CVII
... at the least we need to coordinate with them

MagnusF: SOTA going to be part of CVII?

Gunnar: perhaps for reaching out to connected vehicle and data transfer
... high level interest

MagnusF: they have on-board agents?

Gunnar: no, not handling dynamic code from what I understand
... believe they are more on the protocol level

MagnusF: in Toyota we're more interested in on-board communication whereas others focused off

Ted: Remote Diagnostics - gets political

Rudi: non-standardized and yes there will be some resistance

[CCC seems very proprietary and not much public information. StO?]

[someone has a higher level contact there...]

MagnusF: let's not leave diagnostics. it is well understood space (esp with older standards DOIP)
... anything more modern without hex codes etc?

Joakim: I agree

Gunnar: my thought was it could be anything the OEM wants to define it to be
... any data can be used for diagnostic purposes
... we talking about DTC?

Joakim: semantics to DID

MagnusF: and ability to call diagnostic routines

Gunnar: in VSS there are discussions on adding diagnostic data in the tree, we should connect those discussions

MagnusF: this might be worth exploring further

Rudi: extension of VSS with generic diagnostics tree is a promising approach

MagnusF: we could deliver DTC through VSS, functions via RPC

Rudi: it could be as simple as a wrapper around DTC/DID

MagnusF: they have aging history that might be hard to represent


MagnusF: still don't want old school DTC

Rudi: yes, but may be useful for widespread acceptance and can then modernize

[updates on status, next steps in wiki. added climate control use case]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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