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11 Nov 2020



wseltzer, jfontana, agl, davidwaite, jeffh, jiewen, nina, rae, sbweeden, nadalin, elundberg, akshay, eric, tim, johnbradley


tony: CR prep on target, need WD-04
... since nearing end of L2, there was some things pushed off. Will there be a Level 3
... finsih L2 and close, or go to level 3

agl: I think there will be a level 3, but we likely won't be able to work on it right away

tony: do we think about charter situation - re: update

wendy: we probably want to group around for maintenance. Keep a group in charter

jeffH: also on the moving to process to 2020, we can just use this

wendy: there is little bit we shoudl indicate if we are making changes.

tony: the WG still has to be active and have a charter.

jeffH: lets do charter

tony: anything else


tony: move to PRs.
... two process ones, technical issues closed.
... have some Issues to acknowledge
... move some issues to wd-04 and get some permission to move on.
... move seven issues.

jeffH; #1516 we should land before going to WD-04

elundberg: closes Issue 1515

tony: close issue #1515

correction: #1516


tnoy: think shane was going to close this one.

shane: we should close. not how web authn works

elundberg: we should not bee making any normative changes to spec, just clarify

jbradley: why is cred protect not sufficient for this person bringing this up

shane: we can leave it open and often more insight to credprotect.

jbradley: we could assign this to L3
... we need to figure out why they are confused, if that is the case, we should clarify.


tony: this looks like L3

jeffH: or this proposal could be a separate doc
... this would be separate.
... he should draft a spec.
... so we can discuss

jbradley: I suspect it is a bad idea, but let's look.

tony: put it a L3
... would like eWG agreemtn to produce a wd04
... any objections
... not hearing any, we will produce WD-04 and we will start with CR

jfontana: added the L2 will supersede L1 as part of the CR request

tony: #1492 and #1496 to update editors and past editors.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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