Web Authentication WG

28 Oct 2020



jeffh, emlun


thanks, Wendy


JTan: are we OK with Jeff's suggestions. if so, I am fine wit it.

akshay: I think I like Jeff's suggestion better

tony: anything else left on this one?
... you OK after the update?

jeffH: yes.

tony: update, approve and merge?

jeffH: working on it.


jTan: can I merge this. or is their review

tony: I think we are ready.
... objections




elundberg: I will do this.

tony: this is ready to go?

elundberg: I will approve.


martinK: this matches up with CTAP, yes.

tony: any objections?


tony: no open, untriaged PRs; go to issues


jeffH: we decided we don't need a different attestation type
... will do new PR, and I will do a PR that closes this issue


elundberg: will merge with 1491

tony: the question is we get these issues completed this week. what are feelings on puntable issues
... to move there to TR state.
... we can move them to a Level 3 if we have one.

akshay: I am fine with it

agl: think nothign is blocking

jeffH: sounds like a plan.

tony: next week we want to get to saying we are done with WD-04
... then we can run a Diff for CR

<jeffh> is:open is:issue label:stat:puntable milestone:"L2-WD-04 Final" :: https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+label%3Astat%3Apuntable+milestone%3A%22L2-WD-04+Final%22

tony: we will move editorial ones to CR.
... any objections not getting these done please speak up or on the mailing list.
... anything more to discuss?

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