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23 Sep 2020



jfontana, wseltzer, elundberg, tim, jeffh, nina, agl, billleddy, davidturner, eric, jeremyerickson, johnbradley, nadalin, nsteele, raehayward, sbweeden



tony: waiting for updates.


tony: still waiting for Apple. will look to completing next week.
... look at untriaged issues.


tony: this is one we might not address

jbradley: need to talk to Google and Firefox

nickS: were we talking about this going to CG
... that was another issue.

tony: does anybody want to weigh in before this closes?

JeffH: we have said in another issue, we are working on this.
... no guarantee when.

jbradley: this is not a secret.
... firefox needs some resources here
... firefox on adroid

tony: should we move to futures?

jbradley: move it to the next version

tony: open issues. no apple update.



tony: should we handle this?

shane: that to me is RP policy.
... more than a spec

nickS: i agree.

tony: not doing anything to prevent creation of these

agl: think this is correct stand for spec

jeffH: i agree

tony: so close this with that statement.

nickS: will respond and close


jeffH: this is spec bug.


tony: any other issues to talk about?

jbradley: we've added a way to get transport without attestation, should we also add a way to report the AAGUID?
... to get full attestation.

agl: if we remove attestation we zero out attestation
... remove the AABUID


nickS: if you have aaguid without attestation you can lie about it

jbradley: question, is there way to find info. without going through attestation
... this is a Level 3 issue likely

tony: thinking of this as browser or spec change

agl: browser

tony: so this is not a Level 3 item

jeffH: but we can tag it as a discuss issue.

jbradlley: we should open an issue, on if you get a self-signed attestation what do you do

jeffH: you are right

jbradley: need to look at AAGUID in the MDS

jeffH: we should put the self signed cert in the MDS , that is the out of bound thing that you need.
... out of band thing

tony: any other discussions?
... adjourn

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