Web Authentication WG

16 Sep 2020



jcj_moz, jeffh, nina, nsteele, elundberg, jbarclay


tony: TPAC schedule review


agl: looks good but we can take some more time for review

Nina: will review


tony: no update


JC-moz: looks like it is ready to go

tony: ready?

jc_moz: minor replace


merged #1476

back to https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/1481

agl: ready to merge

tony: JBradley, want to look at this one

agl: no authenticator impact

jbradley: I approved it, PR is correct
... still planning to publish as a note

tny: yes

tony: yes


agl: this is mine. empty user IDs. no great rush. take a look

<jeffh> draft PRF extension as a WG Note: https://github.com/fido-alliance/fido-2-specs/issues/989

tony: no un-triaged issues other than bikeshed stuff

agl: their are two #1484, #1485


jbradley: looking at identifier first flows, issue that is brought up is about allow lists and Android

nickS: looking at putting it with How FIDO Works material


jc_moz: several issues in this one
... I think we need to talk through it with this person

agl: I have opinions
... I will write somethings for this , don't go with attestation.
... in som cases you have to know things about authenticators; in enterprise

elundberg: there is issue, if request none, there are issues with 'remove'

nickS: I have been faced with this

lundberg: should we put something in the spec, likely no.

jc_moz: i will post something about bug for Firefox on Win 10

agl: we will deal with this on the issues

jc_moz: a tsome point we should publish an explainer

nickS: how to guide will probably work

<jeffh> fyi: https://github.com/fido-alliance/how-to-fido/blob/master/HowToFIDO.md

DTurner: resource constrained over at FIDO for the time being.

tony: nothing new with Apple.

agl: when do we close the door on that?

tony: up to group
... this is the biggest open technical issue
... how long to wait?

jbradley: complete everything else and then see if we have to go without them.

<jeffh> fyi/fwiw: there are 3 open nominally "technical" L2 issues: is:issue is:open label:type:technical -label:stat:pr-open milestone:"L2-WD-04 Final"


<jeffh> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3Atype%3Atechnical+-label%3Astat%3Apr-open+milestone%3A%22L2-WD-04+Final%22

jbradley: I think we can close this.

NIckS: close it


tony: no longer tied to our work


jbradley: I will take another look.


jc_Moz ask about #1462

scribe: maybe keep it open and remove from L2 milestone

jeffH: yes, that's fine.

tony: we can create a milestone.

jbradley: some quesitons. Firefox on Android, is there timeframe for web authn to come back.

jc_moz: it is in progress, need more resources

jbradley: something called CEF Chrome embedded framework - does not look to have web authn. Is there a replacement

agl: i think it is independent
... surprised it does not work, but has nothing to do with Google.
... akshay, you know anything on this with Microsoft?

akshay: I don't know about this.

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