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03 Sep 2020



Ian Jacobs (W3C), Fawad Nisar (Discover), Adrian Hope-Bailie (Coil), Chris Dee (FIS Global), Clinton Allen (American Express), Gavin Shenker (Visa), Gerhard Oosthuizen (Entersekt), John Fontanta (Yubico), Jonathan Grossar (Mastercard), Lauren Helt (American Express), Matt Lockyer (FISERV), Rob Martin (Capital One), Rolf Lindemann (Nok Nok), Danyao Wang (Google)
Nick Telford-Reed, David Benoit


TPAC meeting


<AdrianHB> ian: For TPAC 2020, W3C has planned 3 weeks of meetings: one for groups, one for joint meetings specifically, and one for breakouts

<AdrianHB> We propose that WPWG meet for 4 days, 2 hours each day from 19 - 22 October

<AdrianHB> ... we'll be building our agenda over the next few calls

<AdrianHB> ... do we want to use Zoom (or other video conf tool)?

<Chris_D> webex

<clintona> webex

<Fawad_Nisar> fine with either

<matt> either

<Gerhard> Either

<lauren> webex

<AdrianHB> webrtc :P

<Rolf> either

<AdrianHB> ian: [recapping our March FTF agenda topics, which used a similar format]

<AdrianHB> ... for this October 2020 meeting I'm expecting conversations around Secure Payment Confirmation

<AdrianHB> ... lots to discuss around adding instrument selection to the flow (not in scope for experiment being done currently)

<AdrianHB> ... any material from WebAuthn to discuss with payments WG?

<AdrianHB> John: we discussed this in our recent meeting

<AdrianHB> ... we plan to do something but haven't decided exactly what yet

<scribe> ACTION: Ian to work with WebAuthn WG chairs to figure out joint session with WPWG

<AdrianHB> ian: any developments worth discussing since we last spoke?

<AdrianHB> john: yes

<AdrianHB> ... should be on the agenda

<Rolf:> Transaction confirmation

<AdrianHB> ian: I believe a sub-goal of SPC is for Tx Confirmation

<AdrianHB> danyao: for the pilot we have built support for tx confirmation. Explainer is currently out of date

<AdrianHB> ... we have what we believe is the beginning of addressing tx conf

<AdrianHB> ian: SRC is also on the agenda

<AdrianHB> ... we should work on understanding how SPC influences the use of PR API for SRC etc

<AdrianHB> ... especially want input from card networks

<AdrianHB> ... any prep we should do to prepare?

<AdrianHB> clinton: (and others) nothing to confirm yet

<AdrianHB> ian: phase 1 of the SPC experiment is very much about authN and phase 2 is more about instrument selection so getting close to SRC

<AdrianHB> Adam Solove (Stripe) would like some time to talk about non-card use cases

<AdrianHB> ... I will do some outreach to the Open Banking community to get their input

<AdrianHB> ... day 4 is more about updates

IJ: Adrian, want to say more?

AdrianHB: Coil would like to provide updates on Web Monetization
... want to also talk about plans for other payment methods
... Coil is going to sponsor TPAC

(Ian: Thanks Coil!)

AdrianHB: During the week of breakouts Coil would like to organize a virtual discussion space focused on payments broadly
... including privacy, security, commercialization of services on the web
... and to discuss at a higher level than typical WPWG discussion
... and we'd like to have a broader audience

<AdrianHB> ian: day 4 of our WPWG will be more about things we don't discuss often. Can we hear about things like RTP etc

<AdrianHB> ... provide a springboard into the breakout week the following week

<AdrianHB> gerhard: we are seeing a lot of buzz around QR codes

<AdrianHB> ... can we try to put a session together on the topic

<AdrianHB> ian: Who can we invite to contribute to this session?

<AdrianHB> ... heard Paypal, EMVCo

<AdrianHB> gerhard: there is a consortium in europe working on QR too

<AdrianHB> ... perhaps an update from the industry followed by discussion on how this impacts our work

<AdrianHB> ian: getting the EMVCo update makes sense for WPSIG but tying back to WPWG work was great to see during demos/hackathon

<AdrianHB> ... hearing interest in use case where auth happens on different device to checkout

<AdrianHB> gerhard: we know QR is used for id and login (and device binding) but we should also look at it for payment specifically

<AdrianHB> +1 on the topic

<clintona> I can work with Bastien to evaluate an EMVCo option for the discussion

<AdrianHB> QR codes are on the agenda for Mojaloop/mobile money

<AdrianHB> rolf: QR are not seen as requirement for webauthn specs

<AdrianHB> ian: always useful to show demos though and help highlight how these technologies are used (can be used)

<scribe> ACTION: Ian to work with Gerhard, Danyao, Clinton on QR code oriented discussion

<AdrianHB> ian: demos are also a great topic to have on the agenda explicitly

<AdrianHB> ... can you complete WebAuthn assertion on different device to where it was started

<AdrianHB> danyao: yes, there is work on this at Google (CABLE)

<AdrianHB> rolf: Cloud Assisted BLE

<AdrianHB> ian: always interesting to get updates on WebAuthn developments

<scribe> ACTION: Ian to reach out to open banking folks to schedule updates

<AdrianHB> ... any other topics on people's minds for day 4?

IJ: We welcome people's agenda suggestions!

AdrianHB: I always like to come to TPAC with crazy suggestions to throw things out and start again! :)
... we'll want to talk about open payments, interledger

<AdrianHB> ian: we should discuss rec track deliverables (and do so before TPAC)

<AdrianHB> ... interesting discussions going on around SPC and SRC, but we have an APi that is pretty mature but has not advanaced for some time on the rec track

<AdrianHB> ... some correspondence in that regard to follow

<AdrianHB> ... any other suggestions should be sent to me or chairs

<AdrianHB> if there are organisations doing interesting things let us know and we can try to get them in as guests

Merchant Business Group

<AdrianHB> ian: we want to get more merchants and their service providers into the group to ensure we're hearing from them

<AdrianHB> ... we launched the Merchant Business Group this week to address this; see announcement to the WG.

<AdrianHB> ... co-ordinated by Nick TR (working temp for W3C)

<AdrianHB> .. co-chairs are John O'Brien (FIS Global) and Melanie O'Brien (Coles Supermarkets in Australia); no relation.

<AdrianHB> ... feel free to join. They'll likely have their first meeting in the coming months

Next meeting

17 September

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Ian to reach out to open banking folks to schedule updates
[NEW] ACTION: Ian to work with Gerhard, Danyao, Clinton on QR code oriented discussion
[NEW] ACTION: Ian to work with WebAuthn WG chairs to figure out joint session with WPWG

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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