Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

02 Sep 2020


jasonjgw, joconnor, scott_h, janina, SteveNoble, nicolocarp


Miscellaneous updates.

<scribe> scribe: joconnor

JW: Starting with updates

Moving then into Media Synchronisation

Then APA and RQTF prriorities

JW: We have some drafts in Q.

<jasonjgw> Josh: changes have been made in the XAUR.


<jasonjgw> Josh plans to merge these changes into the master branch.

<jasonjgw> After changes have been made and merged, it will be ready for the publishing process.

<jasonjgw> Josh will also make changes to the RAUR to address resolved issues.

JS: WoT has also reached out to us for a join meeting at TPAC

we need to think about agenda.

JS: We want to make it Scott friendly :-)

SH: Appreciated

JS: We have some flexibility.

<discussions on time>

JOC: About the WoT Use cases that we reviewed in APA?

<jasonjgw> Josh inquires about the status of Web of Things use cases.

JS: We can ask them
... We can mine agenda out of our responses.

JOC: Theres a lot of rich feedback there.

JW: Other updates?

They are the main ones.

Presentations are lined up for Web and ML workshop

Keep an eye on the discussion.

Also the Maps for the Web workshop.

JS: What do we know on the format for presentations?

Nicolo are you set up?

NC: We have not decided yet if it will be a live presentation or video?

Recorded may be better.

JS: May be effective. Josh is good at editing etc

NC: I agree, with talk with Josh.

JS: Will have more impact and something we can use in the future.

JW: Sounds good.

media synchronization requirements.

JW: This is our media syncronisation discussion. We have a wiki page.

Documents relevant stuff - audio/video, audio/captions, desc/video/audio, and highlighting text to speech.

I did some research and forwarded some references.

Posted them to the list.

JS: Sounds good. We can all look at the resources.

Have we access?

JW: Some will require research library - Scott may be able to help.

SH: I have access to some databases

SN: Me too.

JW: There are discussions on algorithms doing it automatically rather than the timing requirements.

<gives overview of other aspects of findings>

JS: The algos are outside our remit, but we need to understand the envelope etc.
... Amazon have some data and may be able to open that up.

There are asymetric issues.

SH: Was reading about live captioning issues also

There are delays that can work to advantage

JB: May happen in current newscasting - interesting time lags.

JS: Used to be 7 seconds.

JW: We need guidance in live media.

We should look at what should be introduced

can be done in broadcast media.

SH: I'll take an action

JS: Looks for pointer

SH: Suggests sharing

<janina> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rqtf/2020Aug/0027.html

JW: Sounds good

We have actions on the references.

Janina will update anything from the Amazon side.

APA/RQTF priorities and forthcoming topics.

<nicolocarp> Sorry have to exit, talk to you later at APA

JW: Janina please give large scale perspective on APA and RQTF work.

JS: We will continue with XAUR and RAUR and move them to final notes.

Same with WoT, some things may come out from syncronisation.

Some things may go into Silver - greater definition into meaningful guidance

we may revisit the MAUR also (Media)

MAUR is an APA deliverable - and would be useful for the Silver group to reference.

JW: Workshop attendees can identify issues and bring them back to the group.

Thanks e'one for high quality work etc

Thanks to Judy for A11y of Remote meetings

and to Scott and Steve for references and previous work.

Good TF - I wish you all well.

Will be rejoining when my logistics are resolved.

JB: Thanks to you for facilitation role, and look forward to having you back.

<lots of +1 and dittos to Jason for great work as TF lead>

JW: Anything else?

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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