Automotive Group RPC breakout

31 Aug 2020


Glenn_Attkinson(Geotab), Jon_Seneger(Volvo), Magnus_Feuer(JLR), Paul_Boyes(INRIX), Peter_Winzell(Volvo), Steven_Martin(JLR), Ulf_Björkengren(Geotab), Gunnar_Anderson(GENIVI), Ted_Guild(W3C)




Magnus Feuer shares news he is leaving JLR for Toyota, Steven Martin will be new lead on RPC from JLR and Magnus intends to stay involved

Editors and logistics

Ted: if we don't start with a clean slate but take from JLR repo we should have JLR submit a Member submission
...this makes IPR commitments clear at the outset

Gunnar: we run GENIVI repositories with clear open source licensing and contributor agreements

GENIVI Vehicle Service Catalog


RPC proposal slides

Gunnar: need to assign maintainers

Ted describes how we use github, conventions, editors and hope to have one from at least each of JLR and Volvo

Steven: I should be able to take over from Magnus as he's leaving JLR as editor on RPC. I will have internal discussions

Jon: I need to get more clarity on what is expected

Magnus: I will support in whatever capacity I can, with Steven initially and then on a more private basis

Ted: Ulf can you try to tell prospective editors what its like without scaring them too much?

Ulf: happy to support any prospective editors, it is quite a bit of fun and you can influence specification with your idea

Ted: a tour of what is in JLR repo at this point?

Magnus: we have some cleanup and potentially additional contributions that should be done beforehand

Steven: there a example service spec yet?

Magnus: in GENIVI repo
... btw should this be a joint GENIVI / W3C meeting

Ted: I am open to that for now, we can split later if it makes sense

Gunnar: I wanted to bring that up as well, agree initially combined
... as we do for VSS
... we may have these CVII OEM meetings that may influence this

Magnus: this differ from VSS/Gen2 this RPC etc?

Gunnar: it is our proposed suggestion but open to input to get industry buy in
... we are trying to bring the discussion to a higher level
... we are aligning the service catalog yaml with FrancaIDL

Magnus: we will have mechanical transformation between them
... agree sometimes industry can reject an idea on a minor details, to the extent you can compartmentalize/componetize the specs the better
... we have service catalog, tooling and protocol spec piece
... we discussed but didn't decide what our base should be, eg JSON_RPC
... advantage would be similarity to Gen2

Ted: encourage people to look into their r&d or products to see if there is rpc-like functionality they may want to propose as there are advantages in having your proposal specifics taken up

Magnus: concern is cost of choice in terms of computing resources
... is southbound connection in scope down to ECU?

Ted: that belongs more with Autosar and SomeIP. I have enjoyed our level of abstraction
... we have discussed how we would like to see this go down the stack into ECUs and there are some conversations around that

Magnus: SomeIP seems to be getting wider adoption indeed

Gunnar: aligns with VSS strategy
... we certainly should look at that but can work on off-board communication aspect initially

Magnus: we can leave that in GENIVI's hand for now then

Gunnar: share there may be some hesitation around JSON-RPC but forget the arguments

Magnus: mostly performance but that is minor and it fits better in cloud environment

Gunnar: I am still interested in WAMP

Magnus: we can do a contrast of the two

Ted: next meeting in two weeks - JLR tour and/or RPC protocols


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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