Spatial Data on the Web

20 Aug 2020


roba, jtandy, PeterR, josephabhayaratna, billRoberts, marqh, ClemensPortele, eparsons, cperey, RobSmith, MichaelGordon, scottsimmons
Jeremy Tandy
Bill Roberts


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Methodology for publishing data models

roba: working on projects for the OGC around the agriculture domain and is trying to bring W3C and OGC standards into a field which is dominated by Internet of Things

roba presenting a diagram on data models

roba: need to meld the generic concepts such as those in SOSA with the domain concepts
... want to generate simplified implementations from generic models
... This could involve JSON schemes, SHACL rules, documentation etc to help people with practical issues of implementation
... When you look at how APIs use data models you see some different patterns.
... eg combine metadata with a payload object (eg OGC web coverage service)
... or a schema containing a list of objects, each of which as its own metadata (eg OGC API or WFS)
... or a payload object with its own metadata (eg linked data)
... or a payload object without metadata, eg FIWare where hte user needs to find metadata from some other source

<eparsons> we are at meet.google.com/kqj-dbri-fcu for audio & video

roba: DEMETER project and metamodel is looking at combination of several other views/approaches
... example of a DEMETER FarmAnimal, being a profile of several other models. The framework can generate many views of the FarmAnimal concept
... Rob would welcome comments, feedback, suggestions

jtandy: what kind of support would you like?

roba: would like to support people familiar with a JSON schema or JSON-LD environment use the OGC APIs
... would welcome ideas from others working in this area. But also happy just to keep the group informed of progress and this will later lead to a white paper

jtandy: what caused the choice of agriculture as the domain of interest?

roba: it's the area of interest to the funder of this piece of work

marqh: the point about simplifying implementations looks very interesting. The challenge is often how to communicate data models to people. Some of them are very domain oriented but struggle with details of encodings. Have you been thinking about how to share a model with a group of people in a way where they can give feedback. OWL and RDF are often not the best way to communicate

roba: the profile of an object lists alternative views. One of those is HTML documentation. Looking at how to generate those in a nice way
... also JSON Schema, RDF etc

Update on 'Responsible Use of Spatial Data'

eparsons: The first call of the group was last week, with participation from Europe, Australia and North America
... We are putting together a framework for the document: publisher, user and regulator perspectives
... next call is Wednesday next week, 2200 UTC
... and will start adding documents to the Github repo

josephabhayaratna (jo): looking to work towards a W3C Note

jtandy: any requests from the rest of the group? for example allocating time to review initial outputs?

eparsons: we'll have something to read in about a month. More people are very welcome to join the calls

jo: we'd like to get use cases that are spatial in particular

<roba> Anyone wishing to contribute to the model implementation ideas - here is the link to the draft diagrams if you wish to comment.. https://app.lucidchart.com/invitations/accept/5cce0bba-b21d-416d-a434-3f80403fe073

jo: would welcome suggestions from this group of relevant examples

jtandy: Track and Trace activities for pandemic viruses might be a good use case?

Update on SDW Best Practices V2


Call for items: TPAC 2020

jtandy: We are discussing whether we should have a session at TPAC. Is there interest in doing a TPAC session? And if so, on what subject. (It will be a virtual meeting)

RobSmith: OGC Testbed work on the annotated video work (adding geospatial metadata to MPEG video and how this relates to standards for Moving Features), in particular thinking about the web access aspects. I'd be interested to discuss what kind of lightweight API for this would be the best fit for the web
... is this suitable as part of SDW or a breakout session of the broader TPAC

eparsons: end of October?

jtandy: joint group meetings are being held a couple of weeks earlier to avoid clashes. https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2020

<RobSmith> https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2020

eparsons: a lot of it will be like a normal call, but with the advantage of pulling in some interested external people who are at TPAC

jtandy: we could think of this as a kind of 'marketing' meeting for the SDW work, to share with people what we are doing. And could also have a breakout meeting

PeterR: there will be a Maps for the Web joint OGC/W3C workshop between now and TPAC.
... also would be good to report to the SDW group at TPAC on this

<PeterR> https://www.w3.org/2020/maps/

<RobSmith> OGC Testbed 16/17 Full Motion Video slides: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-sdwig/2020Jul/0073.html

PeterR: Sep 21st - Oct 2nd for 1-2 hours per day, at various times

jtandy: who should Rob Smith talk to about Moving Objects.

scottsimmons: will put Rob in touch with relevant people

Tracking work on Routing Ontology in W3C & OGC

ClemensPortele: a small group is meeting every 2 weeks, currently working out the scope and the process
... The goal is not to just invent another model. It's not just about routing, but also smart cities and intelligent transportation, linking to work in ISO committees
... We are looking for common ground in these areas. Routing is the first item we are working on but the scope is bigger. "Transportation ontology coordination group" is the title of the activity
... I can give an update once we have worked out the scope and process and get into domain discussions

<ClemensPortele> https://github.com/w3c/tocc

jtandy: there is an opportunity for joint group meetings at TPAC. Would you like assistance to set up a meeting about this?

ClemensPortele: not sure, we've not been thinking about TPAC yet
... and this group is not just W3C, it's a cross-SDO activity
... so TPAC not a major milestone
... but could give an update as part of a TPAC session
... to raise awareness of what we are working on

RobSmith: Smart Cities - is there a use case for public transport dashcams?

ClemensPortele: we haven't got into such specific aspects yet

RobSmith: can we invite OGC members to TPAC breakout sessions?

jtandy: please email me about that

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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