Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

12 Aug 2020


JF, irfan, Dee, janina, Roy, SteveNoble_, NeilS


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Irfan: how much time do we need to write a specification after we pick an approach?

paul: my concern is does our specification need to address the bridge between the browser and AT? Do we need to specify modifications to the axTree?

janina: our approach may dictate how much technical detail we need to document
... regardless of the implementation, we need a bridge to AT

JF: we need to speak to the AT vendors to understand how they will consume the new information

markku: browser vendors may not want to take on the potentially heavy lift of making these changes
... due to the 25% staff, do we know if accessibility took a hit?
... due to the 25% staff, do we know if accessibility took a hit? (at mozilla)
... patterns like <use> help make <svg> more reusable but that's not currently part of the <ssml> spec

<JF> +1

paul: creating a new element or adding an attribute to an existing <ssml> element like <speak src=""> might be options.

markku/JF: we can't consider namespaces (hijacking <use>) because it belongs to the <svg> namespace

markku: do we know when we can get a meeting with Jaime (Chrome)?

janina: we need mozilla and chrome
... remind me to start making contacts
... in terms of timelines, if we try to publish prior to TPAC, we need to draft something by Sept 20 or so.

paul: pronunciation info is new to the axTree, we just don't know enough about the mapping/bridging work that needs to happen and the burden on AT vendors.

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