Functional Needs

06 Aug 2020


CharlesHall, Todd, MichaelC
ad hoc


TF approved the ¨2-clause¨ definition of functional outcome

need to separate user need, functional need, and functional outcome

they get conflated

functional need is the overall accessibility issue

user need is the specific needs related to the task

functional outcome is success in that

need TF to agree on definition of user need, and the relationship of these three terms

functional outcomes being tracked at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1il6k1GA4Y6Om00y8kZDrn-UUC-3DKM3nA39c0kYpzS4/edit#gid=0

we only need to worry about mappings between those and functional needs

Suggest we as a sub-group finish review of the master list by 28 Aug, when Silver is finishing content for FPWD

though we should have a subset of the needs in the FPWD to show the direction

e.g., for XR was identified intersection of use w/o vision and use w/o hearing

probably should pull in the functional needs that relate to the functional outcomes of the existing guidelines

week of 24 Aug we should go through and pick those based on what guidelines are going into Silver

Let´s start review of the full list with the TF after FPWD candidate goes to WG for approval

or after publication if the approval process makes that tough

Everyone: do your reviews!

And raise comments / questions

in the google doc or on the email list

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