Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

05 Aug 2020


jasonjgw, janina, scott_h, Judy


Personalization and machine learning.

<scribe> scribe: janina

jgw: Notes we were expecting a guest from Personalization TF re the Machine Learning Workshop
... Would assist by identifying purpose of things in web content
... Notes research paper re ML -- how much specific descripts help

jb: Prediction based on generalization worries me re disability -- the peripheray of human experience
... Seems systems tend to rule out options I need

<jasonjgw> Janina: Personalization markup identifies what UI elements are for, and this could asisst in ML learning contexts.

<jasonjgw> Janina suggests adding slides to a presentation at the machine learning workshop noting the usefulness of the personalization work in APA.

jgw: Seems reasonable
... ARIA could also serve, e.g. labels for controls

<jasonjgw> Janina concurs that ARIA could be useful in driving a Web page automatically.

jgw: Offers to dig up the paper and also see who may have cited it ...

<jasonjgw> Janina notes improvements by voice assistants in airline reservation applications, as an example of improving technology in this area.

[discussion of alog bias and disability]

<Judy> Judy notes utter nightmares with airline reservations around physical disability needs particularly across different countries.

<jasonjgw> Janina: we need appropriately to capture the problem of assuming consequences - the system needs to be able to detect conditions in which human intervention is needed.

Miscellaneous updates.

sh: Asks JB about a GPII update?

jb: Ah, not yet followed up on that ...

[discussion on when to schedule]

jgw: Believe GV interested in topic 1 above

jb: Asks context that elicited this request?

jgw: WoT and individual needs and preferences

<jasonjgw> Janina: it was also the question of how much should be asked for from a group such as Web of Things if implementation feasibility is an important objective.

<jasonjgw> Janina notes the importance of a strategic approach.

<jasonjgw> Janina notes that TPAC meeting requests have progressed - CSS, timed text, etc.

RTC Accessibility User Requirements - open issues.

<jasonjgw> It was agreed to tkae these issues up on list and to resume discussion at next week's meeting when Josh is available.

[remaining agenda deferred -- Lisa also welcome]

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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