21 Jul 2020


Kaz_Ashimura, Jennifer_Lin, Michael_McCool, David_Ezell, Toamoaki_Mizushima


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McCool: use cases, Python support, EdgeX, requirements related to geolocation, centralized data management

Jennifer: what about MQTT over WebSocket, etc.?

McCool: should be part of the Binding Templates discussion
... is there some additional support for scripting, etc.?
... note that Python should be priority for several implementations

Jennifer: can understand

McCool: some discussion within the Web and Networks IG on edge computing as well
... related to IoT registration use cases
... Python is used for AI systems as well, so would make sense to consider it
... the other thing to be considered is robotics

Jennifer: some implementations may use JavaScript and Node.js

McCool: should think about medical monitoring and diagnosis for healthcare purposes
... might be related to some regulations

Jennifer: e.g., mask detection is used for health monitoring

McCool: that's also interesting

David: we should also measure the distance between people

McCool: right

Jennifer: various technologies could be applied

Kaz: e.g., JP gov encourages us to use a specific smartphone app to detect distance based on bluetooth I/F

Quick updates

McCool: Connexus invited us to a conference
... will do some demo on WoT PoC
... NodeRED and node-gen to be included
... pre-recorded video is expected
... need to sit down and prepare for it

Kaz: do you want some help from Toumura-san?

McCool: thinking about that
... will reach out him
... focus on retail use cases

David: a couple of data points
... separate video by a production company
... W3C also have been working on that kind of approach

McCool: next week to be used for the editing

David: they'll be sending some materials

McCool: ok

David: not general purposes but custom purposes

McCool: will be finalizing the agenda shortly

David: tx

EdgeX retail PoC

McCool: we've been working with Fraunhofer guys and Node-gen guys
... need to pull TD out of the directory service
... should integrate it with EdgX service for interoperability purposes
... the next thing is generating particular scenario for retail use cases
... using some simulated/virtual devices
... need some zone detection mechanism
... the question is having different interface for various devices

Kaz: you mean you'll have a meeting with EdgeX on Thursday about that?

McCool: yes
... if you're interested, please let me know
... eventually, probably Fraunhofer should be also involved
... preparing for a demo in October
... probably should reach out to Toumura-san for node-gen
... my section is 20 mins
... will include a short demo around 5-10 mins
... we can reuse the node-gen video
... anything else about retail?

Jennifer: if I want to see the presentations, is that possible?

McCool: that's possible but the Connexus event itself is a paid one
... can share my own resources with you if any problems

David: can also check

McCool: regarding our resources like the node-gen video, we can let Connexus use it but that's not exclusive

Use cases?

McCool: note that we don't want to dive into too much detail on use cases during this call because we have a separate use cases call on Thursday

David: the use case call occur 8am ADT on Thursday?

McCool: yes
... (shows the use case description on edge computing)

wot-usecases PR 31 - edge computing use case

McCool: please review it

<McCool> edge computing description

McCool: (goes through the use case description)
... please take a look

David: is it OK to share this with the Chair of the EdgeX side?

McCool: sure
... (then goes through the geolocation use case description as well)

smart city geolocation use case

McCool: issues on latency and timestamps as well as precision and resolution
... the details should be described separately because those viewpoints are not only for geolocation purposes

David: could ask some thought about this as well

McCool: do you have geolocation requirements yourselves?

David: some for geofencing, etc., but not specifically other than that

McCool: btw, wanted to introduce "dor" to you
... interesting sensor which counts people's foot traffic
... cloud-based approach
... not edge computing-based

<McCool> https://www.getdor.com/how-it-works/

McCool: and another example of smart thermostat
... named "Mysa"

<McCool> https://shop.getmysa.com/products/mysa-baseboard

Next meeting

McCool: please send to me if you have any ideas for the next meeting agenda

Jennifer: smart city dashboard demo by Philip Tran?

McCool: great instance for smart cities use case
... note that we'll cover both the smart city topic and the retail topic during this call since having either of them alternatively would be confusing


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