Publishing Business Group telecon

21 Jul 2020


dauwhe, wolfgang, liisamk, wendyreid, Daihei, Bill_Kasdorf, GuillianH, melaniebw, George, Karen, Cristina, michellekelly, adoll, Garth, julieblair
Tzviya, Ralph
Liisa (?)


scribe+ Cristina

<Cristina> Legible media presentation

<Cristina> digital reading platform to empower and connect authors and readers open access

<Cristina> global reading and publishing platform

<Cristina> value in digital publishing: accessibility, sustaina

<Cristina> sustainability, honesty, integrity, community of all the people

<Cristina> W3C compliant and Daisy accessible platform

<Cristina> browser based reader, reflowable and fully responsive ebooks

<Cristina> device independent

<Cristina> reader can subscribe or access title by title

<Cristina> mobile first platform

<Cristina> dauwhe ask the used DRM

<Cristina> legible streaming solutions

<garth> s/queeu/queue/

<Cristina> launch at TPAC conference

<Cristina> business models for a reader point of view that can read all the books that a publishers provide, ad based account, 9,99$ basic subscription ebooks and audio

<Cristina> publishers may also define if purchased only option, or subscription

<Cristina> bill is focused on trade not on education or scientific content

<Cristina> legible platform include mathml support and support for complex layout books

<Cristina> Epub 2 and Epub 3

scribe+ dauwhe

Cristina: how can you control a11y of file provided by publisher

Legible: the publisher controls that
... whether it's through purchase, rental, streaming

Bill_Kasdorf: I think she was asking about accessiblity for visual...

Legible: we've built DAISY a11y directly in the platform
... open to as many a11y needs as possible

Daihei: other than english speaking market, are you also intending to adapt legible to Japan?

Legible: we'll translate our presentation into Japanese
... the NA market is great, but there's a global market
... we are building language support, manga support...
... this goes back to our value of decolonizing publishing

<Cristina> *dauwhe thank you very much

Daihei: next to US, Japan has largest digital book market. Much comes from manga.
... if you need help, please contact me. I represent the Japanese industry.

Legible: we're excited about the Asian market

wendyreid: Q about advertising
... what about the privacy concerns? what about user data?

Legible: we struggled with this
... I believe in privacy
... you can have user-based advertising, but the more ethical kind is advertising built into books; related to the content of the book rather than the person reading the book
... lots of opportunity for contextual advertising
... so MEC could advertise canoes
... our goal is not to be creepy
... we're making the anonymized data available to publishers directly through our dashboard

liisamk: when you uploaded an EPUB, you said the metadata came in

Legible: the metadata is from the EPUB.
... if there's ONIX that works, but if there's not ONIX it can use the EPUB
... the goal is to give people zero barriers to access

liisamk: thanks for the presentation and answering all our questions

EPUB 3 WG Charter

wendyreid: not a lot to say. still in voting period. more votes in last two weeks, including support from Kadokawa, BBC, Adobe, Apple, Bright Wing...
... still waiting on Pearson, Tencent, Voyager, Amazon, etc
... if you are an AC rep or know an AC rep remind them to vote by July 31
... then we have to prepare for (virtual) TPAC

Daihei: to give an update, I contacted AC reps from Japan
... they are intending to give a favorable response
... and there's a long weekend


liisamk: charter is coming along
... they are looking to organize with task forces for specific projects
... so we can accommodate lots of types of discussions across lots of types of publishing

Task Force for Reflow + FXL

liisamk: it's technically possible
... it hasn't really been implemented
... what is the business need, and what is the interest for taking it to CG

Legible: what is the problem we're looking at?

liisamk: most EPUB implementations allow only FXL or Reflowable, not a mix of both in the same book
... what can we do to make this possible

LEgible: I'd like to be part

garth: it's specced adequately
... we didn't implement because there was no interesting content
... we need content.

<Bill_Kasdorf> solution: get the chickens and the eggs both in the CG

liisamk: let's see if the CG can prove out that there's no technical problem, just an implementation problem
... I'd build this today if it worked somewhere, and failed gracefully

wendyreid: we haven't implemented because there's no content
... I'd love to see this implemented

George: the a11y of FXL is something we need to look at
... if you have an FXL item and you're low-vision, you might be in trouble
... maybe there could be reflowable content as a fallback

wendyreid: that's one of the first things the WG wants to look at

George: it's called out in the EU directive

Production Costs

liisamk: I want to bring that topic to this meeting. Where does it factor into things?

dauwhe: wary of talking about costs
... prices are too low for conversion houses :)

liisamk: any other thoughts?

Daihei: Japanese market is concerned... related to complexity of Japanese typography

<Bill_Kasdorf> to add to Dave's point, for a prepress vendor the EPUB is often part of the deal at no charge

Daihei: we need to uniquely develop
... Takami-san and I have started a discussion
... when we have solutions, then I will report to you

liisamk: a side note
... regardless of the cost of production, we have a lot of workflows that focus on print first
... and that harms a11y
... we need to build accessibility in authoring
... words in other languages marked up properly, for example

Bill_Kasdorf: that's a big part of my consultancy

Legible: digital books have been treated as film was at first, as a poor cousin to theatre
... ebooks and print books are different

<wendyreid> dauwhe: This maybe sounds like not an issue of standards but of workflow. Like the BISG workflow committee. I'm not sure this is the ideal venue for this issue. It's an internal workflow matter

<Bill_Kasdorf> +1 to Dave--it's a workflow issue not a standards issue

<wendyreid> scribe+

liisamk: don't forget about the webinar next week

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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