Web Authentication WG

08 Jul 2020



selfissued, jfontana, wseltzer, jbarclay, nsteele


start with PRs


tony: jeffH and mike have approved


tony: emil can you approve

elundberg: yes


jeffH: the loosening of restrictions on RPID, I have written, sure an RPID can be an arbitrary string as long as not down through Web Authn API

tony: does it impact SPWG in FIDO land

jeffH: I don't think so
... this is already being done, we are just documenting it.

jbradley: this might upset the SPWG, but it is outside the authenticator

jeffH: it is between the RP and the authenticator
... things already being done, extensions or running native apps, they are not using Web Authn API

agl: is this about non-discoverable credentials

jeffH: yes.

AGL: in think SSH is discoverable, don't know for sure

jeffH: if you have discoverable credentials, and share that ID, you can look it up

selfissue: I read it and approved it.
... it was bettre than what we had before.

jeffH: maybe we should continu discussion in the issue and PR

tony: target is still wd-03

jeffH: yes
... we can punt, it has come up on the CTAP side. think best to get it writteen down

tony: move to issues

tonuy: all the current issues are puntable

tony: we could agree to punt to next level and turn out wd-03 or wait
... and address them now. along with thee 2 PRs that we have

agl: we were hoping for Apple to bring attestation.

jbradley: they are saying they are stretched, they will try for next week.

tony: can people review #1452 this week for next week and see what happens with apple
... may next week, if Apple not here, we can decide to produce a WD-03
... it is your decision
... hold up for #1452 and look at it next week.
... any other issues.


jeffH: apple is attestation format.

tony: they have introduced an attestation.
... would hope to have it in wd-04, that should be last WD.
... so the sooner the better on this one.

jeffH: I just submitted an issue for attestation, https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/issues/1453
... I will update

tony: AOB

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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