Spoken Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

24 Jun 2020


irfan, JF, SteveNoble_, paul_grenier
Irfan Ali


<scribe> scribe: JF

Open Discussion on methodology

IA: at last meeting, discussed approaches

had survey and identified an attribute-based model

Paul notes that SSML is 1st class tag in HTML - maybe we need to revisit that

IA: do we need to change our recommendation?

MH: this can be very simple - not much for us to specify - just mention that SSML can live inside of an HTML document
... we just need to discuss with WHAT WG
... conversations with vendors was taht there was general desire NOT TO go down the path of in-lining SSML

JS: Parsing issues?

MH: Correct - DOM issues
... that's why we moved to attributes
... feels like we'vbe been there already - we need vendors at the table to resolve this

<paul_grenier> (sorry I'm not able to join the discussion today, this mandatory meeting is running long)

[question on impact on scheduling]

JS: Jonie is in-transit, so we need to wait for her
... this will be revisited at APA today

IA: how do we get the right people at the table?

JS: we need to make a list of who we need / want there. Be sure Paul is present as he is the one advocating inline SSML

MK: we need to ensure TextHelp is there as well

MH: currently this is not mapped to a11y tree - would need to querie the attribute in the DOM (apparently 'easy')

Joanie, TextHelp, JAWs, NVDA (?)

MH: otherwise we're at an impass

JS: we should be able to have this discussion in July

Irfan to follow up with Janina

to schedule that call

JS: there is a relationship here with work happening in MathML / chemistry symbols, etc.

<paul_grenier> (I made it)

<NeilS> We need to acknowledge that this applies to aria-live regions

<NeilS> It would be useful in a math editor

<NeilS> An example would be pasting "a+b" and the editor wants to announce that and make sure the "a" has the long "a" sound (say-as letter)

JS: waiting on Joanie to schedule that mega-call

Paul will revisit use-cases/needs and add in aria live region usecases

[housekeeping discussions, Intros from Paul and Neil, etc.]

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Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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