Web Authentication WG

10 Jun 2020



nmooney, jfontana_, jcj_moz, elundberg, nsteele
Nadalin, Fontana


tony: spwg call this morning
... can someone give an overview

jbradly: the summary is we shouldn't hold our breathe for immediate conclusion. scope expanding.
... the topic at FIDO is enterprise attestation .

tony: let's get back to web authn


elundberg: thought this was ready to go

jeffH: let's not do that here. fly with what you have


agl: jeff should take a look at this.

jeffH: yes


agl: should input echo the outputs.

elundberg: ... one way we could do this, is to make this a list with the same order as a long list
... this may not be worth the complexity

akshay: having pull alllow list, you might not have input for every credential

elundberg: maybe that makes it to complicated.

agl: it was a good thought

tony: have some un-triaged PRs


tony: move to level 3


jeffH: merge now

elundberg: OK

tony: now move to issues


tony: JC what to do with this one

jcj_moz: this is puntable, is someone crafting a PR

JeffH: sure, when I can pivot back to Web Authn
... this is not critical. but we shoudl point to it

tony: nothing more on network transport , nick

nickS: no


jeffH: on to-do list


tony: these are untriaged.

akshay: I assume the second case, parameters are defined directly, there are some extensions out there that are farther along
... lets not disturb any deployments

elundberg: in web authn all extensions follow this pattern, but not all in CTAP

agl: so all ships have sailed?

eluncberg: do we make a change to web authn, or do we leave it for the reader to discover

agl: I am happy to throw in a note here.

elundberg: OK


elundberg: this is a type that defines an extension point for authenticator inputs
... its Web IDL

agl: shold be stripped out

jcj_moz: I think we forgot to remove this

eluncberg: would it be helpful to note inputs and outputs
... I will open an editorial PR

jeffH: good

tony: complete this in L2?

elunberg: unless we have a breaking change

agl: fine to get rid of

tony: open a PR on this one.


agl: looks like report of chrome bug, does not need to be opneded here

tony: that takes us through un-triaged issues
... any specific ones to discuss?
... not hearing any, can end early.

nickM: I'll be leaving the group.

tony: adjourn

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