09 Jun 2020



Kaz_Ashimura, Jennifer_Lin, Daniel_Peintner, Kunihiko_Toumura, Michael_McCool, Farshid_Travakolizadeh, Tomoaki_Mizushima
jennifer, kaz


<kaz> scribenick: jennifer

Review minutes

McCool: Reviewing minutes from last time.

<kaz> June-2

<inserted> (minutes approved)

Talk archival

McCool: Talking about the talk archival

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

<Zakim> dape, you wanted to move talks/presenations to marketing repo?

Daniel: wondering if we want to to move the resources on talks/presentations to the wot-marketing repo

<jennifer> https://github.com/w3c/wot/tree/master/PRESENTATIONS

Kaz: do we want to make a resolution about that here? or maybe during the next marketing call on Thursday?

McCool: yeah, that's a marketing topic
... let's talk about the ACIOA talk now

ACIOA talk

F2F Planning

Smart City PoC slides

McCool: plan A is updating the above slides on Smart City with the results of PlugFest
... and plan B is using them as is

Jennifer: think I have some more slides to be added
... possibly centralized approach vs distributed approached, or combination

McCool: Daniel, any ideas?

scribenick: jennifer

Daniel: Trying to find a good solution on how to manage actions

scribenick: kaz

TD Issue 899

McCool: (adds some comments to the issue)
... (mentioning potential security concerns)

<inserted> McCool's comment to Issue 899

scribenick: jennifer

Daniel: The downside of having static TDs is that you cannot know what actions are currently running

scribenick: kaz

Kaz: we need to clarify concrete use case scenario and requirements for this topic

June virtual f2f agenda

Jennifer: btw, should we talk about the topics on prototyping during the PlugFest calls? Or OK to talk about them here during the PoC calls?
... e.g., Python implementations and Geolocation services
... we could get geolocation information using Web APIs via Web browsers

McCool: (adding those topics as "special topics (future)" to the agenda of this PoC call)
... Python support for WoT
... Geolocation - Fugu?

Kaz: basically, you can bring any kind of your work to this PoC call
... and if you're interested in bringing some of the ideas and implementations to the PlugFest, you can do so

McCool: (adds a note on python support: for robotics ues cases and AI use cases)
... regarding Geolocation
... beyond GPS - indoor use cases
... wifi triangulation, SLAM, etc.

Kaz: we need to consider the level of "geolocation information", outside, inside of a building, within a room, etc.

McCool: right

Jennifer: well take a look

Retail PoC

McCool: would like to include LinkSmart approach
... any update on the cloud instance?

Farshid: some minor update but no major changes
... can easily enable the access for you all

McCool: ok
... you could accept several passwords. right?

Farshid: yes
... can keep the credential information on a page

McCool: can you post the account/password to the WoT Members list?

Farshid: (mentions how to handle the tokens)

McCool: think directory is a good use case for dynamic APIs
... we need to look into the Open API spec
... as part of the dynamic API proposal

Daniel: yes


McCool: cancelled for June 16, 23 and 30
... next meeting will be July 7 for Smart City
... any idea for that meeting?
... use case review
... geolocation

Jennifer: we'll figure out what the best way to manage the data, centralized or not

McCool: several issues here
... campus use case, spatial queries
... static geolocation information within TD
... and possibly spatial query via the directory
... also how to handle tokens for security
... LinksSmart implementation supports several possible flows

Jennifer: good points about geolocation information

McCool: let's continue the discussion during the next call on July 7
... (adds some more points to the agenda)


Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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