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20 May 2020



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Nadalin, Fontana



Wendy: TPAC. physical meeting is cancelled. Virtual meeting is in the works.
... looking for feedback in terms of scheduling meetings.

tony: keep the same content. waht we signed up for

wendy: that is an option. some groups working on other methods
... we are looking how we can help facilitate.
... we can keep the day we picked, or change if group wants.
... will have TPAC in Vancouver 2022

tony: we will decide on an elongated meeting or not.
... will also take comments on virtual
... SPWG meeting this morning

jeffH: not a whole lot to relate. language for draft ended up in privacy principles doc

<wseltzer> [TPAC week is 26-30 October, 2020]

jeffH: we should be able to to enterprise attestation things.

tony: also discussed other changes
... so just a short update
... move to open PRs.


Akshay: hopefully sort out next week


jeffH: it may well be FIDO publishes based on How to FIDO doc. then we can reference from Web Authn spec
... we should fill in the gaps
... and also say for futher details is this How to doc

tony: timing will be key


tony: still blocked.

elundberg: yes

elundburg: found some things on review. still working


tony: still needs some work.


agl: suspended this is april because of CTAP issues, those are being resolved.

tony: wd-03?

agl: yes. looking at L2

shane: what is motivating this. what is it for.

agl: google does lot with SSH certs. we are basically trying to build up tech we use internally

shane: makes a lot of sense.


agl: i also dislike ECDAA
... I could review


bradley: back to #1410, working on this


JeffH: I think the short answer is yes.

tony: what is the game plan


nickM: no additional updates today

tony: that takes us through open technical items.

NicS: still based on caBLE yes

tony: we are moving this out to caBLE timeframe

nickS: if cable doesn't land in 2.1, this would get moved.

tony: keep it for now

nickM: what are the consequences.

tony: just have to decide caBLE is not going to make it and move it out

nickM: have to look at it every week

nickS: will come with a plan next week.

tony: other issues to talk about .

agl; extension for password managers to get a asymetric key

tony: we have a couple of un-triaged issues


scribe: question for google on SafetyNet
... leave it un-triaged.


jeffh: that is a process thing.

wendy: I will ask Dom for suggestions

NickS: third communtiy group meeting coming up. trying to focus on two balls UX concerns, also talking about a site for wireframes.
... so people can get started easily
... try to align with How to FIDO... doc
... evnetually

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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