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13 May 2020



jfontana_, elundberg, jcj_moz, nsteele, selfissued


thanks, Wendy


akshay: we have one reviewer now. maybe have something in a week


nothing new


jc_moz: I need to go back and make some fixes.
... I will also look at the registry issues.

tony: we will review this next week.


tony: jc needs to look at the answers to questions.



tony: jeffH can you review, it is editorial

tnoy: any objections to merging #1411?


tony: no un-triaged PRs
... issues

jbradley: still working on PR


Nick: some more info. on the details.

tony: should we have issue linking web authn / Web Payments work on transaction confirmation?

jeffH: yes. just so people know
... the payments work is making proposal to solve certain use cases. Still examining the threat model.

tony: anything more on payments

jeffh: Ian Jacobs published a blog post on the different conversations going on re: payments. It is useful for figuring what is going on in the different groupls
... I'll add a link

<jeffh> Ian Jacob's recent blog post: https://www.w3.org/blog/2020/05/payments-and-authentication-driving-toward-a-whole-greater-than-parts/

shane: I have put together an example/experience site.

<jeffh> Adrian Hope-Bailie (Coil)'s "WebAuthN + Payment Request = Payment AuthZ" proposal: https://github.com/w3c/webauthn-pay/blob/gh-pages/proposals/pr-webauthn-txconf.md

shane: one specific to Akshay - should guidance exist.
... thre is some information here that is unclear - undiscoverable credentials

akshay: for windows we do only one RP id and user id combination.

shane: point here is, the patent being described cannot be implemented 
... it is an issue with that patent
... other topic. talk about preferred switch of residnet key and cred prop extension
... some ambiguity?
... I would like this group to address ambiguity if they do exist.
... want to here from the browser vendors.

jc_moz: these issues give me a lot of things to think about as I work on this.

shane: we are also here to make sure API is usable. I want to be part of making that happen.

jeffH: this kind of feedback is constructive.
... we are learning about how some things don't necessarly work
... in terms of user experience, we still have to investigate the best UI. We are looking forward to figuring it out.

tony: anything more on adoption group

nick: we are having a second meeting next week.

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attendees: jc_moz, jBradley, jeffH, Nina, shane,

Chairs, Nadalin, Fontana

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