Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

22 Apr 2020


Irfan, paul_grenier, JF, janina, Roy, SteveNoble
Irfan Ali


<Irfan> ACTION: Roy to create a track

<trackbot> Created ACTION-15 - Create a track [on Ruoxi Ran - due 2020-04-29].

<paul_grenier> "host has another meeting in progress"

<Roy> Could we switch to Webex? I will check with host about this situation

<Irfan> Roy- could you please check it out?

<paul_grenier> Let me guess, we're sharing an account with another group and they don't realize when they go over time it means we can't start.

<Irfan> Webex # 1.617.324.0000

<Irfan> passcode: 643 546 488

<Roy> Michael created this meeting room, I try to reach out him

<janina> Zoom doesn't want to open the meeting. Says: "The host has another meeting in progress."

<Roy> How about use Backup connection: WebEx?

<janina> Who's the host?

<Irfan> please join on webex

<Dee> Yes, I receive the same message as Janina

<Roy> Michael is the host

Irfan has WebEx open, please join using the back up WebEx connection

<Roy> We could use the backup

<mhakkinen> are we using webex?

<Dee> I have joined via Webex

Pronunciation documents and announcements

Irfan: Any updates about the announcement?

<SteveNoble> presebt+

Janina: We will have some additional information after this afternoon's meeting, with the topic of status of documents

Next step for gap analysis and Use-case document

<Irfan> https://www.w3.org/TR/pronunciation-gap-analysis-and-use-cases/

Irfan: Review of these documents requires some changes to the examples; three different examples that may need to be consolidated

Paul: Please create a GitHub issue
... implementations are different; need more guidance

Irfan: Examples are subsets of one example or one block

technical approach document

Irfan: Prototypes and proof of concept in progress, based om explainer document (in-line and attribute model). What other examples do we need to create?

Paul: Pronounceable text from schema.org
... The strongest candidates are schema.org and CSS speech. We need a rich example to highlight, with challenges or places where it would fail

Irfan: John was going to connect with someone at schema.org

John: I don't recall specifics, but the microdata and authoring structure is very convoluted. They have a core library of taxonomy terms, we can possibly add an extension to their schema

Irfan: Follow up required.

John: What is the specific ask for schema.org?

Paul: Highlight the piece that can be implemented; need a good example to work from across all implementations to show SSML and attribute model
... Examples include something that changes verbosity, HTML markup, SSML characteristics, etc.

Janina: include inline language switching

John: Add code element, to show as a value-add

Janina: also punctuations
... include code examples across multiple domains

John: STEM use-cases

Mark: SSML examples for chemistry are available that we can share
... are we adding code elements to the speech markup

Paul: Accessibility audits show code block with annotations, which can all be connected with future implementations, to indicate speakable block

John: Do we have examples that we can review?

<paul_grenier> https://bulbenergy.github.io/bulb-audit/patterns/general/form-errors/#individual-form-errors

John: Microdata can be very onerous for authors

<Dee> Mark: will post examples from Chemistry

<Dee> Irfan: Can add more examples.

<Dee> Janina: Reach out to DPUB

<Dee> Need examples for symbols that could be pronounced differently depending upon context.

<Dee> Knowledge domain content needs to be pronounced appropriately.

<paul_grenier> https://w3c.github.io/annotation-aria/

<Dee> Irfan: Should we add aria annotation to our use case?

<Dee> Janina: Talk about it in APA.

<Dee> Janina: As well as talk to DPUB

<Dee> Janina: Digital Publishing Working Group

<Dee> Janina: Compelling case, code sample with symbols that need to be pronounced differently.

<Dee> Janina: Reminder for TPAC conversation. Decide by May 13 if there is anybody with whom we want to meet, need agenda items, etc.

github issues

<Dee> Janina: Cannot be available for the May 6 call, neither can JF.

<Dee> Irfan: Horizontal reviews, working groups involved.

<Dee> Irfan: Most of the issues would be addressed during the horizontal reviews. Most may be related to internationaliztion.

<Dee> Paul: Issues are aging.

<Dee> Irfan: Looking at issues.

technical approach document

<Dee> Irfan: a member from TexHelp is in the process of joining.

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Roy to create a track

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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