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25 Mar 2020



akshay, armen, davidturner, davidwaite, jeffh, jfontana, John_Bradley, nadalin, selfissued, nina, sbweeden, wseltzer, jfontana_
nadalin, fontana


Nina: FIDO having bikeshed issues

davidT: use an older version of bikeshed


tony: Low priority



tony: don't think we are there yet.

agl: I think we are there.
... JC and Akshay need to take a look.

tony: we need to land this is FIDO land

agl: it works for U2F authenticators


agl: still pause, need proof it works


nina: it has been approved.

tony: what do we do with the build process


agl: looks like on change. we can merge after taking care of that.

tony: some untriaged PRs


tony: was discussed at face to face - enums

agl: think this is spiritually good some tech that needs to be addressed

tony: jeffH look at this.


agl: build fix, updates python version, david says need something in FIDO land

davidT: see it has been approved must be fine.

tony: can we improve?

wendy: go for it.

tony: jeffh can you approve
... fix for python.

jeffH: land it.

tony: agl merge?

agl: yes


agl: want to split the feature policy and change name. and future call it dash-create

jeffH: I thought I was going to rename them
... with dash create, ddash get

agl: that was my understanding.

tony: we will rename

jeffH: we will modify feature policyu
... I will take a look


agl: this is my homework. worth having group look at this.
... do we want sig counters

akshay: I think we do.

agl: we could put up aaguid
... the public key is the hardest, but others in binary format

tony: this should not break anybody

agl: only adding stuff

jbradley: can ask for direct attestation, but it would be zero

agl: it will match the data.

jbradley: actual data is likely real attestation.
... what is definition of real data.

agl: re-expose data they already had - nothing nerw

shane: there is all sorts of stuff in there like cred ID the authenticator extensions

agl: have ID number, will not touch extensions

shane: as RP developer, I can imagine for simplistic RP without attestation, I likely won't use it.


jeffH: let me take a look at the PR first.

tony: can you open PR for reference if needed


tony: no additional work.

agl: we discussed it yesterday on FIDO call
... if anyone needs a review I can give it.


tony: editorial

shane: I will take a look


jbradley: i'll work on PR

tony: you will keep in UVM

bradley: yes. will see if wee can get two implementations

tony: anything else on this one
... most of what is left is editorial

shane: something from last week on candidate recommendation
... I couldn't find timeline on that
... see milestone LC rec and CR rec and wd03
... try to wrap this up next month to CR and then PR by end of year


tony: I think this has been answered

agl: I think we can close

jeffH: i closed

tony: any other business
... adjorn



chairs: Nadalin, Fontana

JC, we ended early

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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