Silver Task Force & Community Group

28 Feb 2020


jeanne, KimD, sajkaj, Fazio, MichaelC, joecronin, Lauriat, Chuck, kirkwood, PeterKorn, maryjom, Rachael
Charles, Bruce, Angela
Shawn, jeanne


Results of AGWG meeting & next steps

<scribe> scribe: sajkaj

js: Notes conclusions from AGWG telecon
... Our docs need to be clearer
... There's much AGWG doesn't yet understand in our content
... They're looking for detailed conformance examples, all pieces
... Also clear explication of what's normative, what's not normative, and why
... Notes it's now beyond possibility to publish before CSUN

sl: There are just too many pieces required to get it done on time
... We'll still have a compelling draft to present at CSUN; and we'll have our F2F to work on these things

APA response about mathematical formulas

<jeanne> Janina: In the meeting last week, we talked about the mathematics that need to be in the spec for VIsual Contrast. We talked about this with APA. THey recommend:

<jeanne> ... Andy should write it in MathML

<jeanne> ... A browser with MathJAX, will render in accessible, navigable code.

<jeanne> ... The latest version is best.

<jeanne> ... we will need a exemption for Pubrules to keep W3C publishing bots to strip the script. We should host our own copy of the script. It could be sourced from MathJAX, but it is better to host it locally so we remain in control of it.

<jeanne> s/latest version is best. /latest version 3.0.1 is best.

<jeanne> ... Charles LaPierre and Jason White have volunteered to help Andy

<MichaelC> https://www.w3.org/scripts/

<jeanne> MC: W3C has a place for hosting scripts, and MathJAX is there, but it is an earlier version that we will need to have updated.

<jeanne> Janina: Since the library is already on W3C, we just need a version upgrade.

Using ACT rules

<scribe> scribe: sajkaj

ACT Format Use

ch: Should we use that?
... Will we adopt that?

js: Decided to do that quite some time ago. Will be doing it; just haven't had the opportunity to make it so.
... ACT will assist
... That's part of why I've been pushing methods for our publication, so that we can get ACT's help marking up with their format
... We juast haven't been ready

sl: We also want to reuse as many of their tests as possible

ch: Thanks!

js: We need to carefully distinguish between using their tests vs their rules.
... We can use the tests for sure, not so sure about the rules
... Ruleset may not be vendor neutral
... And we're trying to be tech neutral

sl: Tests as written aren't neutral, though the structure supports neutrality

js: But we've long planned to use the tests
... Also noting it's not my area of expertise


pk: Are there any travel changes we're aware of?

jc: Some

<Fazio> I intend to still be there

<KimD> Not so far

mjm: I'm still coming

sl: Still planning on attending, but monitoring
... We're also stocking up on hand sanitizers for the booths
... Want to make sure we have remote participation enabled; and that it's effective participation

df: Still coming

js: Also planning to be there. Driving from MA

<Fazio> face mask also

pk: Also monitoring

js: Notes we could do the f2f remotely, but would certainly not prefer that

pk: Asks whether MC has a second telephonic unit

mc: Doesn't recall

pk: Let's touch on this again Tuesday, and perhaps on list as needed

js: Important to check in on this

ch: Also monitoring, but still planning to be there

<Fazio> LOL

sj: Thinks about an NFC based hugging app

<Fazio> Now I'm scared :(

<kirkwood> not coming

js: Picked up work, then restarted a scoring doc

Example of conformance including: Scoping, Taking a sample, Scoring individual (new) guidelines, Forming a total score

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LfzTd_8WgTi0IUOOjUCRfRQ7e7__FRcnZow4w7zLlkY/edit#

js: Alastair asked for step by step examples, using a web site that is world accessible -- at least agwg accessible

pk: we can certainly construct one
... It feels like the correct long term approach

js: If someone wants to mock up a site, that would be good

sl: Anyone have a site to donate?

<KimD> Could we use a government site?

sl: Don't want to be picking on anyone -- though I use bbc for my examples a lot

js: Asked we evaluate only the three SC we have
... An example of declaring scope

<jeanne> Jeanne: Since the Before and After Demo newsletter is part of the larger WAI website, which is in turn part of the larger W3C website, we are stating that the scope of this evaluation is the logical subset of w3.org, the Before and After Demo (w3.org/WAI/demos/bad/). Note that scope does not need to be expressed as a URL. Complex single page apps or mobile apps could declare a scope that

<jeanne> could not be expressed as a URL.

js: Looked at WAI for a representative sample example
... I listed steps from wcag-em
... Then noted what might this look like for nonweb?
... Picked NY Times app

<jeanne> Paraphrased from WCAG-EM as if WCAG-EM has been rewritten for non-websites. Note: These changes have not been discussed or reviewed by WCAG-EM editors to date, but will be coordinated with them before finalizing.

js: Paraphrased wcag-em steps to accomodate the nonweb tech example
... Noting this is informal and not part of em

[JS details her process]

<jeanne> Total representative sample: 19 screens (12 structured, 2 random, 5 complete processes)

ch: Asks about what analog wasn't clear?

sl: Was identify technology relied on. See above comment

pk: Asks whether any branch has updated conformance language for Sec 3
... As discussed Tuesday?

js: Currently have 3 branches going

<jeanne> https://raw.githack.com/w3c/silver/ED-changes-25Feb-js/guidelines/

[js discusses her current process with multiple branches and items to include]

js: Asks whether PK has a preferred way to get to a resolution

pk: Tried to capture the changes discussed Tuesday and forwarded and wanted to do a review check
... Trying to figure out the most effective way forward on this
... We could also do a branch ...

js: OK, I missed your mail ...
... OK, will add those in ... ...

pk: Suggests main branch

js: OK

pk: Please advise when done and I'll review

js: Looking for volunteers to score our example site

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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