Education and Outreach Working Group Teleconference

21 Feb 2020


Brent, Helen, Lewis, Shawn, Estella, Kevin, Mark, Daniel, Hidde, EricE, Sharron, KrisAnne, Howard
Estella, sharron


<brent> Scribe: Estella

<shawn> scribe: Estella

<shawn> scribenick: eoncins

ATAG Report Tool (ART)

Topic ATAG report tool

Hidde: there is a new header and navigation (temporary)

There is a new box on the left to start a new evalutation you can evaluate the success criteria. This bus is to keep you post about your evaluation

There is a survey about this draft I would appreciate your inputs on this

Another thing is results of the evaluation that you are carrying out.

A new survey is on the way Brent or Sharron will open it.

Brent: We wil send an email out after the meeting.

Hidde: I look forward to your feedback for the third draft. Please put all your comments on the survey.

Shawn: Can you say the difference between your evaluation and new evaluation?

Hidde: This box will be contextual to your evaluation. If you have a new evaluation you will have to enter it. If you have an existing evaluation you will be able to refer to it. People can be able to do multiple evaluations.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to ask multiple ? and to ask name of tool..

Shawn: Do we expected the vendors themself using the tool and or also users? Hidde: Experts will do also evaluations

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to say full screen

Shawn: In mobile or large print, that box covers about 50%. If we have that box, usres will have to scroll past it for every page. Hidde: The idea is to adjust it. Try to colapse some areas.

Hidde: there may be bugs, please do report if anything seems odd and I'll throw them in my list and fix

Brent: If you detect bugs please comment them in the survey.

CSUN agenda

Sharron are you taking over the scribe?

<Sharron> scribe: sharron

Brent: PLease take a look at the topics listed for the F2F and become familiar with them. We are finalizing a location and want to give EO a chance to suggest topics of interest and prep for the meeting.
... we will consider several items that are part of our current work and we also have some new topics and ideas.

Shawn: As we think about what to do when, we will need to consider time zones for those who can join by phine. Europe vs Pacific Us is quite a time differnce.

Brent: Yes I think it is about 8 hours

Shawn: So we might want to confirm late afternoon aailability for Kevin and Estella who have indicated they would participate by phone.

Eric: US changes clocks in between

Shawn: If we start at9 am, that will be 4 pm in the UK and 5 pm in Spain. What is youravailability at that time?

Estella: A couple of hours most likely.

Kevin: Similarly, I would have a couple of hours

Mark: About that, maybe less.

Brent: With that in mind, what are the topics of most interst?

Kevin: Most interested in the future topics. The practical working on existing deliverables like the ART are not as conducive to open discussion.

Mark: Looks like Monday is best for me.

Kevin: Need to check the calendar.

Estella: I am willing to be flexible. Seems most important for you to schedule the work as best for you and I will join if/when I can.

Helen: I am on holiday that week, won't be joining.

Brent: Anyone see items they would like to add, any questions? We are truing to make progress on current work, will look at some new ideas, and may be holding a charter discussion.
... and remember that this page is always open, feel free to add topics or items of interest. Want an agenda that everyone is happy with.

Evaluation Videos on WAI site

<shawn> https://deploy-preview-8--wai-eval-overview.netlify.com/test-evaluate/#intro

Shawn: Shadi received delivery of the videos and need to work on where and how to post them. One current idea is in consdieration and Hidde is working on the technical difficulties.

<Zakim> shawn, you wanted to ask about timing and topics in CA morning for European participants?

Shawn: please look at the prototype. One idea was to use thumbnails that popped out but there were accessibility concerns. Now are consdiering the expand/collapse function common within the WAI site.

<Zakim> kevin, you wanted to say they are a bit hidden

Kevin: They are a bit hidden and there is noting that calls them out within current presentation. More about the tech difficulties?

Shawn: Keyboard access realted to several videos on the same page. What if we bold text and enlarge the thumbnail.

Kevin: Probably not going to be enough. It is quite tucked away and does not jump out. Don't think that solution is enough but don't yet have another idea.

Shawn: Another idea was to communicate up top (maybe in the content or summary) to let people know there are videos.

Kevin: Need to be something to call out, usually big with the play button right up there. Tucking it away, even with text intro reduces liklihood that people will find and use it.

Helen: Never see this use - within expand/collapse.

Shawn: Another option is another page for each but they are so short and intro the real target which is the WAI resource. To send people back and forth seemed excessive. But open to your ideas.

Kevin: Going to another page could also take you onward to the resource rather than back.

Helen: The main reason I was thinking useing links was to save space on the page. Also can have smaller thumbnail open a popup rather than an expand. Would return you to the page at the conclusion.

Shawn: But is there a highly usable and accessible way to do that? I ti a feasible solution for us?

Helen: The popup would get my vote. When done properly it is accessible.

Shawn: Can you point me to them?

Helen: Given time, yes.

Kevin: Examples on Simply Accessible.

Shawn: Can you and others send to the wai-editor list?

Kevin: Will do.

<Zakim> yatil, you wanted to say that ableplayer has modaly and to say so modals in modals

Shawn: If it can be done accessible, do people agree it is the best way?

<hdv> -1

<hdv> :0

Eric: I don't like modals, they disappear, they are hard to implement accessibliy, not a big fan. People are not likey to share the video, more likely to share the YouTube video. Best would be the separate page and link to the video.
... AblePlayer has a modal for transcripts, so you look then at a modal within a modal which is untenable.
... what about the YouTube link as a default with a link to the "more accessible" version linked immediately below. Best of both worlds.

Shawn: With the expand/collapse?

Eric: In that case, you would not need it.

<shawn> https://deploy-preview-7--wai-eval-overview.netlify.com/test-evaluate/#intro

Shawn: Doesn't seem to have it full size instead of thumbnails since it would just overwhelm the text.

Eric: Why so big? Why not just a 30% size does not seem if floated to the right it would be overwhelming.

Kevin: Is the YouTube player accessible?

Eric: Maybe not but we'd provide a link to the accessible version.

Kevin: The 'accessible' version is over there?

Shawn: Hidde is investigating. As long as we find a solution that is captioned, keyboard accessible - basically sound. Can link to the enhanced accessiblity player, is that acceptable?

Kevin: Yes as long as the basic player meets minimum ally requirements.

Daniel: I don't like the ideaof popups. More in favor of the embedded player with basic accessibility and a link to the enhanced player.

Shawn: Thanks for input on options. We are trying to get something out by CSUN even if have to continue to polish.

<shawn> https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/EOWG_Participation_Info#Butterfly_Approval_.E2.80.94_Approval_to_publish

Shawn: next is that Helen has taken on the task of descriptive transcripts - thanks very much! You may be asked for quick turnaround review as we try to get some of these lined up for CSUN release.
... any comments can be sent to Helen and EO editors now or can wait until we contineu to polish.

Helen: This was a late night effort and I appreciate constructive feedback, it was my first attempt and tried to only expand on what was said aloud.

<shawn> approvals https://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/wiki/EOWG_Participation_Info#Butterfly_Approval_.E2.80.94_Approval_to_publish

Shawn: For more context, WAI is stating that these videos do not need syncronized description since no information is given by visual delivery only. It is an attempt to model best practice for those who may be curious about the animation content but is not critical for accessibility..

<shawn> wai-eo-editors@w3.org

Shawn: If it is easy, comment on the modal, and please feel free to send accessible examples. Also remind people that there is publicly archived list.


Brent: That's about it for today. There is survey open for the ARRM work and today we opened one for the ART. Both editors are trying to incorporate feedback by CSUN. Please take the time to review and provide that.
... anything else?

<shawn> E-mail with link to survey: https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-eo/2020JanMar/0020.html

Estella: Please look for a quick survey sent to the EO and the WAI-IG lists. We need this feedback and appreciate your taking a few minutes to help us gather data.

Brent: We will send location for F2F and reminders about the surveys. Thanks everyone!

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