Silver Task Force & Community Group

07 Feb 2020


jeanne, shari, AngelaAccessForAll, Lauriat, CharlesHall, sajkaj, KimD, kirkwood
Bruce, Joe, Peter
Shawn, jeanne
jeanne, sajkaj


New Name for Silver

<jeanne> scribe: jeanne

<sajkaj> scribe: sajkaj

sl Introduces the new AGWG approved name for what we've previously known as Silver -- <drum roll>

<jeanne> SL: THere is a new name from the AGWG meeting on Tuesday

sl W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 3.0)

sl: The C now comes from W3C -- the 3 is silent

<CharlesHall> *recursive acronym

sl: It will be made clear 3.0 is not intended to be abackward compatible to 2.x or before

sl There are good reasons for keeping the WCAG acronym

sl: We needed this before FPWD!

js: First, I had to untrain myself from saying WCAG 3; now I have to untrain myself from saying Silver ... ...

sl: Me too

Strategy to address the comments from Survey

sl Me too

ch +1

ch: Sill concerned about the numbering, though.
... Reasons is our intent for frequent revisions, may need to go to minor versioning e.g. 3.1.1

Updates to the Editor's Draft

js: Have taken it all into a Google doc because the spread sheet was becomingunweildy

Strategy to address the comments from Survey

js: We have enough comments to keepus busy for a long time, so looking for how to move forward on them

<CharlesHall> backlog? address some. hold rest.

js: One approach might be to organize by topic and give a topic set to one of several subgouprs

<Lauriat> +1 to Charles

js: We don't have enough telecon to do it via telecon

mc: Could assign specific people on specific comments; similar to your group proposal
... Also takes main work out of telecons

sl: Like the quick pass triage to get us started
... e.g. there are comments we can easily defer post FPWD
... We should triage for what's essential to get FPWD
... e.g. is the comments on our example content -- which we said was only exemplary, but people took as proposed wording

<CharlesHall> +1 to defer content responses

js: Not sure there were that many content ones

<CharlesHall> link to responses page?

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/13SMA551BOg2JAkOqO_oF0jJutQkcUOexp-SOvO0CGXM/

<jeanne> that is an overview of all the comments

<jeanne> Survey results https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/94845/Silver-ED-21-01-2020/results#xq14

<jeanne> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/94845/Silver-ED-21-01-2020/results

<jeanne> Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Akd11SpyNqIHT6SirwZrGYkMzJbIXZNQ4BYQ8v6onmA/

js: Welcomes any and all to help clean up formatting. Don't suggest to me, just do it!

sl: Noting theGoogle doc is 28pp; we need to divide and conquer even for triage

<CharlesHall> +1 to document marker convention

js: Asks what labels we want to markup with

sl: Top priority might be any objections to FPWD; to identify the issue buried in the comment

<CharlesHall> address (objection); address (enhancement); defer (complex); defer (content)

sj: Second label might be the "yes if you make this change"

<Lauriat> +1

kd: Do we need to respond to the responders? To track who said what?

js: Yes
... We also need to give them the opportunity to agree, or not with our disposition
... Don't believe we have time for the round trip with commentors pre FPWD
... Priority needs to be what we can achieve in the next two weeks
... Else, we postpone; and I'd like to meet our timeline

mc: Any CfC needs to close by the 25th to meet timeline

js: That's why we need to get on these outside the call and right away
... Can we get a volunteer pre section? Starting with criticality assessment?
... That should enable us to agree/or not on changes pre vetted during calls

sl: Like the idea, but we need some kind of coordination to avoid clashes
... Little availability for now, unfortunately

kd: Ditto, but we also need error management

sl: Perhaps first pass is a group of 4 who can categorize as per Charles' categorizations?

ch: Agree, but also have similar time constraint
... Offers to look at arch section over the weekend--if he can get to it

kd: And we're doing what when we look at it?

mc: Believe anyone who looks should simply file in github and mark in goole doc as having been filed in github

js: Looks to abstract & intro volunteer?

mc: Probably me, though also wary of time commitment.

js: Thanks MC
... Be sure to look at latest in master

mc: master is my default

js: intro to guidelines? ? I'll do this one
... How about headings? For must fix ...
... We should discuss overall structure of tabs on Tuesday Content call

sl: Yes, but I will miss calls next week

js: How about clear lang? Shari will take
... Visual Contrast? Should ask BB, would like to keep with that group
... I'll look at points, levels and sampling and we can work on it Tuesday conformance call
... Other thoughts?
... Invites people to work in Google Doc or github as comfortable; but please mark github issue creation in the doc

sl: If not sure mark with ? mark
... I think we're after a meaningful overview right now, not the detailed resolution approach

js: Suggests reorg of Google doc to put similar tagged comments together

kd: Can I make headings a table?

js: Sure. I'll take headings


Updates to the Editor's Draft

js: made updates in a new branch based on last week's discussion; still more to go when I resurrect my laptop
... Will send link and add to wiki

<jeanne> Jeanne: THank you to all who are working offline.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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