Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

29 Jan 2020


Irfan, paul_grenier, Dee, janina, SteveNoble
Irfan Ali


<scribe> scribe: paul_grenier

Publishing Explainer Document

<Irfan> https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/explainer/

explainer document is ready

Irfan: gathering support from AT vendors in process

<Mhakkinen> My comment on the explainer. Should the “What is this? Be moved to the introduction. I haven’t seen other (yet) explainers in the formal W3C format.

Irfan: questions and discussions about aria attributes vs. axTree may come up

Janina: we can adjust the format to match what the TAG wants and that content should be earlier in the document, maybe a subsection of intro.

Dee: we can cover who is it for, prepare them for the following sections

Irfan: I will coordinate with Mark

<Mhakkinen> Ok with that.

Janina: we want to have documents ready for CSUN

Use Case and Gap Analysis document Edits

Irfan: Dee does not have github access, Roy in on vacation, so I need to make the many changes. Mostly editorial.
... I should be able to make all of these changes before the next meeting

Dee: If I can get access, I can make the changes

Irfan: I'll see if Michael can give you access


Irfan: I will merge this

paul: the use-cases document now has the latest JSON-LD example using Schema.org's new schema. It will need to be propogated to other documents where that pattern is used.

Other business

Slalom, LLC

paul: I have changed my affiliation

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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