Automotive Working Group Teleconference

21 Jan 2020


Ulf, Peter, Benjamin, Ted, Glenn, Daniel, Adnan, Guru, Rudi


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F2F Survey


Ted: CITS and TC204
... please fill in your preferences so we can decide on next call

Daniel and Glenn reiterate their invitations to host

VSS Layers

Peter: Gunnar sent message to the public list and thinks it has potential to align with Ulf's proposal

Daniel: positioning or layer approach?
... for positioning we have agreement on how the YAML will look and creating CSV and resulting tree will look like
... doesn't make much sense without Gunnar and Ulf to discuss today as they were most active in the thread

Graph project

Glenn: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, adopted by other states in the US) requires consent for specific purpose and cannot be used for others that do not benefit the consumer who provided it
... that prohibits use of data based on our legal review
... we have an employee, friends and family program where people install our devices to be used in a dogfood program
... we are discussing updating those terms to include public good, research and non-commercial uses
... Harjot is advancing that with our legal team. others in this group can use a similar agreement for being able to provide data for the graph server
... we are still trying to figure out CCPA which just came into affect

Ted: as a reminder this project idea came out of our last f2f meeting. we felt having a graph server available exposing real[istic] data in VSS/VSSo and showing how it can answer some real world questions will help promote it

Ted: we want to make sure we can do so without incurring any legal risk
... solving privacy policy for various data containing personal identifying information or anonymizing and aggregating is bigger than automotive/transportation

Ted: Glenn and I discussed how a new W3C Community Group can be formed to work on more general policy framework, I would try to get attention and interest from W3C Privacy Interest Group and others
... the graph project can serve as a test platform and use cases for consideration

Glenn: we have a privacy expert on staff, Nicole who gave a presentation (minutes not public, restricted to W3C Members and Auto group participants) to this group earlier
... she is working on policy protocol for aggregation and anonymization that we could leverage and coordinate with
... we would be happy if that work can go into W3C
... this idea of a separate consent for dogfooding project is so we are not delayed in being able to open up this graph server

Ted: Adnan, did you have a chance to bring this up? similar to data from BMW engineers that you guys showed before

Adnan: we potentially could use an endpoint that we have


Ted: can we request frequency or is this just what you already have in the cloud?

Adnan: this would be from our test fleet and not customer vehicles. I will look at the wiki and get back to you

Glenn: we feel we need to clarify agreement with our employees since it stipulates R&D and public good
... it may not cover this particular project. it is more CCPA instead of GDPR

Adnan: we have our data privacy officers. once we have the scope clearly defined they will look at it

Ted: I encourage people to add additional use cases, review signals needed in case of omisions

Charter dicussion



Ulf: I think it is too early for others to consider implementing besides our open source one



Ted to meet with Ulf and Patrick on features list, come up with estimates

Peter: Adjourned

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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