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20 Jan 2020


Daniel_Peintner, Zoltan_Kis, Kaz_Ashimura, Michael_McCool, Tomoaki_Mizushima
zkis, kaz


<scribe> scribe: zkis

issue 193 https://github.com/w3c/wot-scripting-api/issues/193

Daniel: we should create an issue at the TD spec
... we should invite Ege to the next call in order to discuss the issues raised by him

Presentation from McCool

McCool: this is a draft proposal, presented on the Web & Networks IG meeting, for either extending charter to cover edge computation, or create a new WG.
... the basic idea is to use Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and workers in order to handle computing on the edge use cases.
... we could do both AI and IoT orchestration
... the Scripting API would play a role in IoT orchestration
... propose and extension of Web Workers names Edge Workers, that live in a gateway, cloud or edge device, and it's persistent
... PWA's allow implementing that
... we can use WASM + WASI to package edge components
... need to extend edge APIs such as Intel OneAPI to support WASM
... management API is needed
... could write a TD or Swagger file to define the SW components (?)
... Use cases: 1. compute offload, 2. IoT orchestration
... for 1 we need to extend Web Workers to be persistent
... take Fugu APIs and use them in Web Workers
... Another use case is discovery, as a 2 phase approach: a directory node (first contact, onboarding)
... then can do searches using the directory
... directory can also expose a management service/API
... questions?

Daniel: some of the topics like deployment etc do belong to Scripting, we have already had discussions on this

McCool: discovery is already in the charter, and we have proposals
... that would allow a TD to describe a management API
... about packaging, it's part of Scripting
... the management API is a new thing
... the other new thing are Web Workers

Zoltan: wanted to ask, is there an assumption the browser is running on the edge? where?

<Zakim> dape, you wanted to registry proposal discussed in main call already?

<McCool> https://github.com/w3c/wot/blob/master/proposals/wot-discovery.md

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

McCool: need a detailed list of technical requirements
... also need to have discussion with the Web&Networks IG guys
... pretty ambitious, you're right
... came from business requirements for edge computing
... related to not only browser implementations

<inserted> scribenick: zkis

Zoltan: I don't necessarily see the need of a new browser API to implement this

scribenick: kaz

McCool: edge worker doesn't have to be browser worker
... but web developers would feel comfortable if there is

Zoltan:: we need some prototyping
... the idea is good
... but how to implement?

<inserted> scribenick: zkis

Kaz: discovery in general is a big topic and could be part of a generic browser API
... there was discussion with the Automotive WG as well
... they defined WSS protocol for connecting devices
... there could be some similar interaction protocol

McCool: the web workers would work normally, the browser could decide to offload execution to edge devices
... this could be a new option to (?)

<kaz> scribenick: kaz

Kaz: note that I'm not objecting :)
... but we should be careful about the way of clarification
... use cases, requirements, need and prototyping, etc.

McCool: yeah, but use cases and requirements might differ based on what people want to implement
... would be useful to sit down and gather use cases
... Singapore's smart city use cases might be useful
... access to computer facilities
... we need to discuss concrete next steps
... a prototype is definitely needed
... proof-of-concept would be helpful

Zoltan: browser development process is very specific

<zkis> zkis: on security requirements

McCool: detailed design to be assessed
... how to prevent malicious code
... authenticate to directory services

Zoltan: not only for operational phase but onboarding phase as well?

McCool: yes, onboarding phase also could use discovery
... need to look into the detail
... need authentication credentials

Zoltan: ok, thanks for your presentation
... would determine what to do next
... should we create an issue for this point?
... feel free to open an issue on the Scripting API repo

McCool: it's more the whole group issue
... possibly run by the Web&Networks IG
... they're looking at edge networking

Zoltan: ok

McCool: let's see the results from the joint discussion

Zoltan: let's continue the discussion as the whole WoT group as well.


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