Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

18 Dec 2019


irfan, paul_grenier, SteveNoble, Roy, janina


<scribe> scribe: paul_grenier

Gap Analysis+ Use case document <https://raw.githack.com/w3c/pronunciation/merge-doc/gap-analysis_and_use-case/index.html>

irfan: we need people to edit the merged gap analysis document

paul_grenier: volunteering to edit

roy: will move the doc to the master branch, we can edit there

User Scenarios document <https://w3c.github.io/pronunciation/user-scenarios/>

<Roy> Merged to master: https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/tree/master/gap-analysis_and_use-case

irfan: have not found any editorial issues in the user scenarios document
... still time to review


irfan: we need to finish the explainer before starting the technical document

<irfan> https://nam01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fw3c%2Fpronunciation%2Fblob%2Fmaster%2Fdocs%2Fexplainer.md&data=02%7C01%7Ciali%40ets.org%7C8a358f05a2274387a7d108d783bdade1%7C0ba6e9b760b34fae92f37e6ddd9e9b65%7C0%7C0%7C637122723010564377&sdata=xQWbfpFHSIdIXTIt8kik54%2BxSZ%2FhWGIu%2BZN0m5IDkvI%3D&reserved=0

mark: looking at speakable specification, do we know who's working on that?

paul: not sure, haven't checked in with that group in several months

mark: we should invite schema.org to comment on the explainer
... can we take the "DRAFT" off of the explainer?

janina: I don't see why not. As long as the WhatWG and TAG have reviewed it.

mark: keep it draft until we can commit to the gap analysis document
... timeline for reviewing the merge document?

irfan: end of January
... once we add the relevant urls to explainer, we can remove the draft status

Other Business

irfan: janina, do you want to address the emails to the group chair (Leone Watson)

janina: we will wait for the chair to respond with a meeting time

irfan: roy, did you hear from the new member?

roy: still waiting for his application.

janina: wcag 2.2 is moving forward. SC 3.1.6 relates to Pronunciation.

irfan: they want to publish by June

janina: if we can be in CR before they get to TR, we can be in the spec

irfan: we can do that

janina: if we miss this window, it could be a long time to get into the spec

irfan: next meeting in second week of January
... will coordinate with others on the merge document during the "break"
... any other business?

janina: we don't expect any APA-related activity at CSUN

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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