Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

11 Dec 2019


janina, Joshue108_, Scott, H


<jasonjgw> Yes, but I'm not hearing any other participants.

<Joshue108_> scribenick: Joshue108

Decentralized identifiers: accessibility-related use cases.

<Joshue108_> JW: Janina, you had best introduce this..

<Joshue108_> But those working on this are interested in use cases

<Joshue108_> JW: There was a request to APA for use cases here.

<Joshue108_> JS: We have one in the pipeline that we could formalise.

<Joshue108_> There are other options, their next round of work is starting with authentication for example.

<Joshue108_> We are requesting that we kill CAPTCHA.

<Joshue108_> They are taking that request under advisement.

<Joshue108_> JW: Lets make sure we all understand this tech..

<Joshue108_> From looking at the primer..

<Joshue108_> Jason gives overview of https://w3c.github.io/did-core/

<Joshue108_> JW: Is that correct?

<Joshue108_> JS: Sounds good.

<Joshue108_> JW: Any comments?

<jasonjgw> Josh inquires as to the relationship with privacy considerations. He notes an intention to examine privacy issues more deeply next year.

<Joshue108_> I'm interested in this area, as a working area for me in the upcoming year.

<Joshue108_> JS: Lets elaborate on that and the use cases.

<Joshue108_> The entity may be an individual or a piece of text in a word document.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Sounds like URI's as real world addresses..

<jasonjgw> Josh likens decentralized identifiers to URIs for everything.

<Joshue108_> JS: Yeah.

<Joshue108_> SH: Can I get more detail around the question of the disability or accessibility requirements?

<Joshue108_> JOC: Good question!

<Joshue108_> JW: The question was to understand what kinds of accessibility use cases there might be in developing or applying the technology.

<Joshue108_> JW: It could be a way of showing ones humanity and eliminating the need for CAPTCHA challenges.

<Joshue108_> Rich S talked of using blockchain as a way of storing personal info and preferences to improve UI accessibility.

<Joshue108_> JW: These may play a role in that.

<Joshue108_> If there is a token for this, then related records can be retrieved.

<Joshue108_> JW: Does that help Scott?

<Joshue108_> SH: Yes, but I'd like to know what we can propose that is different.

<Zakim> Joshue108_, you wanted to say this sounds like it goes beyond human validation.

<Joshue108_> JW: We can all be thinking of this now

<Joshue108_> JS: We have two so far.

<Joshue108_> JOC: What should we be focussing on for now, the human aspect or the machine level stuff?

<Joshue108_> JS: Well Accessibility in general.

<Joshue108_> JW: That is the scope, so the question is around raising use cases in that context.

<Joshue108_> JW: One is the latter - carrying personalisation requirements from system to system to disclose.

<Joshue108_> There are issues of trust.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Those issues of trust will be very important.

<Joshue108_> SH: Is this like the GPii?

<Joshue108_> JS: No, it's a way of securing comms in data blocks.

<Joshue108_> And verifying that.

<Joshue108_> JOC: So how does that differ from bitsum checking?

<Joshue108_> JS: DID are our way of encoding and transmitting.

<Joshue108_> JS: I think re: bitsum there is more auditing or meta data carried.

<Joshue108_> It builds up a bigger audit trail.

<Joshue108_> JW: Because this goes on a blockchain, then there is a record, and encrypted data that can be verified etc.

<Joshue108_> It is a way of identifying and associating data with that thing - with some guarantees.

<Joshue108_> And channelling RIch, IBM are big on this.

<Joshue108_> JS: It would be good to look at who is in the working group also.

<Joshue108_> JW: Lets bring this back to next meeting.

<Joshue108_> JS: Next year.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Is there a use case doc?

<Joshue108_> JS: If there is one it belongs to them.

<Joshue108_> JW: I'll create a wiki page.

XAUR draft.

<Joshue108_> JW: We are looking at the XAUR draft

<Joshue108_> http://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/XAUR/xaur/index.html

<jasonjgw> Josh: encourages Task Force review of the draft, noting Scott's comments and changes made in response thereto.

<jasonjgw> Josh considers it ready for broader review - including working group review and beyond.

<Joshue108_> JW: Thanks for work on this.

<Joshue108_> Will review for next meeting.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Log issues in GH or send comments to the list.

<Joshue108_> JOC: What about GH Accessibility?

<Joshue108_> We can give people a choice to send comments to the list or use GH directly.

<Joshue108_> JW: There are options for people, and we should give it some time for that review.

<Joshue108_> JW: Some of my previous comments have been addressed.

<Joshue108_> JS: Should we create a label for this, XAUR?

<Joshue108_> JOC: Yes.

<Joshue108_> <discussions on label creation>

<Joshue108_> JOC: I'll create an add a XAUR label

<Joshue108_> ACTION: Josh to create XAUR label for draft

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2226 - Create xaur label for draft [on Joshue O Connor - due 2019-12-18].

<Joshue108_> JS: Then you can create a query string that will filter issues etc, so this is useful.

<Joshue108_> So you will only see XAUR.

<Joshue108_> JW: Important step.

<Joshue108_> JS: We can also set milestones etc.

<Joshue108_> JW: When you provide a link in the intro section etc, can that include something in the URI that will populate a new issue with that label.

<Joshue108_> JS: Should be possible.

<Joshue108_> JW: We should give it a certain amount of time, I'm leaning towards the beginning of next year.

<Joshue108_> JS: We may not meet next week.

<Joshue108_> JW: Yes, we have to review these two drafts and comment or leave it till next year.

<Joshue108_> JB: It will be hard to get peoples attention, but it would be good, even a half hour call next week would be good.

<Joshue108_> JS: We may have thoughts and questions in between etc

<Joshue108_> JOC: I'll be away next week at team meet in France

<Zakim> Joshue108_, you wanted to ask about timelines and review within APA and beyond.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Any plans for APA review or beyond?

<Joshue108_> JS: I don't think at the moment, arguably at the beginning of the year.

<Joshue108_> We may have an FPWD before CSUN, which would be cool.

<Joshue108_> JW: Then we could have chance to discuss at CSUN, lets say we aim for early next year.

<Joshue108_> We will see what edits etc are needed.

Real-time communication - draft.

<Joshue108_> JW: This draft is in the same position, I say we review this as well.

<Joshue108_> http://raw.githack.com/w3c/apa/AccessibleRTC/rtc/index.html

<Joshue108_> JW: Scott has said he has no specific comments.

<Joshue108_> SH: I've looked at the whole document well, and we seem to have incorporated e'thing rather well.

<Joshue108_> Can see nothing that needs tweaking.

<Joshue108_> JW: This may be closer to FPWD depending on how satisfied we are.

<Joshue108_> SH: I think so.

<Joshue108_> JW: We can discuss it next week and make decisions around progress.

<Joshue108_> JS: Sounds right, will get that on APA agenda in Jan.

<Joshue108_> And XAUR - if we can do that, CSUN will be busy.

<Joshue108_> JW: Lets see what issues need to be revolved before circulated widely, aim for FPWD in Feb.

<Joshue108_> JS: Makes sense.

<Joshue108_> JW: Or sooner if no concerns.

<Joshue108_> JW: I'm hearing that people seem happy.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Thanks all, really is a team effort.

<Joshue108_> JW: Lets review both for next week with the aim to make decisions in the new year.

Miscellaneous topics.

<Joshue108_> JS: Ive an announcement.

<Joshue108_> The update to CAPTCHA is published!

<Joshue108_> There is a Dec date there now.

<Joshue108_> JS: Judy, should there be an announcement? It is an erratum update.

<Joshue108_> JB: We don't usually do announcements for these.

<Joshue108_> JS: I can ask Shawn.

<Joshue108_> JB: It would be courteous to do so.

<Joshue108_> JS: Will do.

<Joshue108_> JW: Congrats

<Joshue108_> JS: Am happy it is the 2019 edition.

<Joshue108_> JW: First Weds in Jan would be our next meeting.

<Joshue108_> JOC: Thats new years day!

<Joshue108_> SH: The 8th is good.

<Joshue108_> JW: We will pick up DID and others for discussion.

<Joshue108_> JW: Any questions?

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Josh to create XAUR label for draft

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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