Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls Community Group Teleconference

26 November 2019


Bert, Fajar, Harsh, Rudy
Axel, Bud

Meeting minutes

I see no one else on call. Shall we wait 5 more minutes? Or start the meeting?

<Bert> Yes, it's just you and me so far.

<Bert> I'd say if nobody joins within 5 minutes, we'll cancel.

Okay. Rudy was hoping to have the terms discussed and accepted today.

I'm wary of doing that with just two people on the call.

<Bert> We're three now :-)

But we can send an email to the group for comments, and if none, accept them?

Yes, I see that Rudy has joined the call.

<Bert> Yes, we can do it by email, too. Send a message with a deadline and and nobody objects, it's accepted.

<Bert> Either Axel or me should send that message.

I think we can start the meeting, there are 4 people on call.

Approve last two telcon minutes

Bert: Approving minutes of last meeting

Bert: Any objections to accepting minutes from Oct-29 ?

Bert: (no objections) approved

Bert: For 12-Nov ?

Bert: (no objections) approved

Action items

<Bert> action-128?

<trackbot> action-128: Fajar Ekaputra to Will try to recollect all the inputs and (not-)addressed issues in the spec. -- due 2019-09-10 -- OPEN

Fajar: We can close the action as we have the spreadsheet

harsh: We can move the link to the Wiki

Bert: We can then close action-128

Action: bbos to add a link to the spreadsheet to the wiki, for safekeeping.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-138 - Add a link to the spreadsheet to the wiki, for safekeeping. [on Bert Bos - due 2019-12-03].

<Bert> close action-128

<trackbot> Closed action-128.

<Bert> action-131

<trackbot> action-131: Harshvardhan Pandit to Contact jan lindquis and inform them about the process how to suggest terms, i.e. ask them for a coherent proposal to extend our voacbulary to include their terms and let us know which ones are missing or where are the overlaps. -- due 2019-09-24 -- OPEN

<Bert> action-133

<trackbot> action-133: Harshvardhan Pandit to Fix the extra space in "dpv-nace: nace-code." in section 5 -- due 2019-10-22 -- OPEN

harsh: This was about terms from BIT - still ongoing

<Bert> close action-133

<trackbot> Closed action-133.

<Bert> action-134?

<trackbot> action-134: Fajar Ekaputra to Convert feedback from the spreadsheet into raised issues -- due 2019-11-05 -- OPEN

<Bert> open action-134

<Bert> action-135

<trackbot> action-135: Harshvardhan Pandit to Will make a formal proposal for an extension/modification in this direction. -- due 2019-11-19 -- OPEN

Fajar: Will raise them as issues

<Bert> close action-135

<trackbot> Closed action-135.

<Bert> close action-136

<trackbot> Closed action-136.

dpv vocabulary extension for TV viewing behavior and event recommendations

Bert: We have some existing subclasses of Behavior, are those applicable?

harsh: Some example?

Bert: Browsing Behavior?

Bert: Any objections to adopting proposal

Bert: (no objections) accepted

Resolved: Accept Harsh's proposal

harsh: There's a git patch in the email with the proposed changes

Bert: I will try integrating them

Action: bbos apply Harsh's patch to the HTML and RDF and republish, due 2019-11-28

<trackbot> Created ACTION-137 - Apply harsh's patch to the html and rdf and republish, due 2019-11-28 [on Bert Bos - due 2019-12-03].

<Bert> issue-14?

<trackbot> issue-14: We may want to add a non-normative comment in the spec that/how the taxonomy can be used as skos. -- open

Discussing issue-14 on call. No solutions so far.

<Bert> issue-16?

<trackbot> issue-16: Do we need to further structure consent notice? -- open

ISO 29184 online consent notices https://‌www.iso.org/‌standard/‌70331.html

ISO is currently looking at consent receipt as a standard

We can piggyback on whatever emerges to evaluate our consent vocab

Next meeting

Next meeting is on Dec-10 in 2 week, usual time slot

Summary of action items

  1. bbos to add a link to the spreadsheet to the wiki, for safekeeping.
  2. bbos apply Harsh's patch to the HTML and RDF and republish, due 2019-11-28

Summary of resolutions

  1. Accept -> Harsh's proposal https://‌www.w3.org/‌mid/‌1acfbf60-7631-eb90-77f9-af2bb9522194@harshp.com
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