Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

20 Nov 2019


Sam, Irfan, Dee, janina, Roy, paul_grenier, SteveNoble



<Irfan> scribe: Christine

documents timeline

Irfan: Dated timeline and wiki; very tentative at this time.

Janina: Specifications need to be in final status in W3C, so to get to this goal of a "TR" with must statements that are normative. Because we are taking the "usefulness' approach across the industry. There are implications to achieve this approach.
... We need to cover accessibility and a wider industry. At some point we need to get the "TR" out of APA. It has to be included in the general specifications.
... We can publish all documents in APA; but the TR track will have to be migrated to web platform working group through the incubation group. Leonie Watson call/discussion to be initiated. We need to propose that the TR document will be an editor's draft until it becomes mature, at which point once it is mature we migrate to community group and continue to help the process towards ultimate goal of a standard for the mainstream industry.

Irfan: We need to finalize all the documents including the TR document, keeping it as an editor's draft.
... We need to switch gear and have all the documents cleaned up and consolidated. We need volunteers to complete these tasks, including the suggestion about merging the Use Case and Gap Analysis.

Janina: Sounds reasonable.

Paul: Sounds fine.

<Irfan> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/wiki/Timeline

Irfan: We will merge and need reviewers, to complete according to the proposed timeline. Feb 20th is the review date with publishing in March 20th.

Paul: Volunteered to review

I will review as well.

Irfan: No objections on the mergers.

task assignment

Irfan: We just talked about this, and we need one more reviewer for User Scenarios. Any volunteers.

Sam: It's a quality document.

Irfan: Volunteered to review the User Scenarios.

explainer (Technical document)

Irfan: Technical document will be part of the Explainer with the June 2020 timeline. Most of the work will be in APA, but to publish in CR we will abide by the timeline.

Janina: Will need to talk with Leonie as it will involve another working group

Irfan: Next week no call, but ask that all attend teh following week.

other business

Janina: ATIA conference will need sponsors

Irfan: ETS may host a F2F meeting
... Possible dates in December or January

Janina: Would the ATIA or the ETS meeting be appropriate for a F2F meeting. ATIA is late January in 2020. ETS can be either Dec or Jan.

Irfan: We will discuss again, as all consider funding for their travel. Teh idea is to connect with the implementers.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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