Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

13 Nov 2019


Irfan, JF, paul_grenier, Dee, janina, SteveNoble, Roy_, Mark_Hakkinen, Sam_Kanta
Irfan Ali


<Irfan> ACTION: Irfan to add timeline in wiki

<trackbot> Created ACTION-9 - Add timeline in wiki [on Irfan Ali - due 2019-11-20].

<Irfan> ACTION: Mark to Review the gap Analysis document

<trackbot> Created ACTION-10 - Review the gap analysis document [on Markku Hakkinen - due 2019-11-20].

<Irfan> Scribe: Dee

Task Force updates

Survey Questions

Irfan: survey question review, received feedback from Christine and Sam. Draft question in a different way. We should have received the email.

<Roy> https://www.w3.org/2002/09/wbs/110437/SurveyforAT/

Irfan: The team is deciding on the way we present the questions.
... The survey is still up.

Janina: Survey needs to be solidly nailed down before we go out to AT providers.

Irfan: Will forward email again.
... We will discuss on the next call.
... One suggestion: Add links to task force documents.

Janina: We don't need to add them all, just one pointer to our page.

Irfan: One other suggestion, separate questions in parts. We are already doing that.
... other suggestion, at "Other" field. We have that.

<mhakkinen> +q

Irfan: will make changes and resend. Survey is open until Dec. 30.
... Do we need to extend it?

Mark: Suggest that we keep it open longer.

<JF> +1 to "go slow"

<JF> as Mark is suggesting

Mark: There is a conference at the end of Jan. - includes presentation on pronunciation.

Janina: We should extend the survey beyond the conference.

Mark: Solid location to obtain feedback.

ATAI 2020 Jan. 29 -Feb 1.

Mark: Extend to Feb 15.

Irfan: Extended the survey to Feb 15.


<Irfan> https://github.com/w3c/pronunciation/blob/master/docs/explainer.md

Irfan: Paul has made changes. Added information.

Paul: We talked about the additions in the last meeting. Extra concerns for JASON, not natural for HTML. SSML is natural.
... One other concern as an author -- make sure that there is a way for easy reuse of complicated structure. SVG solved it with the "use" tag
... If we go forward with SSML or inline SSML we may need something like "use."

<mhakkinen> +1

<mhakkinen> +q

Janina: we need a connector somehow. Maybe it should go into the explainer.

Irfan: do we need to add all of the detail about SSML, JASON, etc to the explainer?

Mark: Yes, some of the details should be in the explainer.
... It is worth presenting the attribute model.

<mhakkinen> exactly a CSS SPeech model

JF: Is the "use" tag almost like a CSS?

<JF> Exactly Mark

Paul: Use tag grabs a copy of the referenced node and clones it.
... We would want the tag to close around some content. Lexicon standard could also come into play.
... Add meta-tag to link to Lexicon.

Mark: Lexicon seems to be supportable. Burden on AT. Needs to get issued to synthesizer. PLS is limited to pronunciation only. It is part of the puzzle.
... It doesn't address some of the other cases we are looking at.

Paul: Do we need to address the PLS spec in our survey?

Janina: We have to support Braille as well as speech.

Mark: Questions might have to be rephrased if we include PLS.
... It could be a question - as an AT vendor, are you prepared to support PLS?

Paul: Maybe we need to be clear that when we say SSML, it is on its own and then add a question about SSML plus PLS.

Janina and Mark: Like this approach.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to suggest the TAG could be asked to decide

Janina: Layout options and ask which one do you think...

JF: That may be the better path forward.

Irfan: Will add a question to the survey.
... Is there anything we need to add to the explainer or is it okay?

Mark: we can include a statement about PLS.

Irfan: Explainer to technical document, will we need more details?

Paul: may be able to get a sample of PLS markup

Mark: Talking book community may use PLS. Could get example.

<Irfan> ACTION: Mark to get example from Talking Book Community

<trackbot> Created ACTION-11 - Get example from talking book community [on Markku Hakkinen - due 2019-11-20].

Irfan: Agree to add a question to the survey and get examples for PLS for technical approach doc.

<Technical document>

Irfan: technical doc a copy of explainer. Template has been created. Will keep adding to it.

Other Business

<JF> I will be at CSUN

Irfan: discussing in person meeting at CSUN. Who else may be going?

<paul_grenier> I will request CSUN.

Janina: Timing - before or after the meeting?

JF: Finding a location may be challenging.
... Need to take other conflicting meetings into account
... Proposes Sat or Sun after meeting.

Janina: Or meet around ATAI.
... ATAI may be a better audience.
... Look at the global list of conferences from AT side and mainstream side.

JF: If we are going to meet at CSUN it has to be on a weekend. Hackathon is on Sat affter.

Janina: put together agenda for face-to-face to inform how much time is needed for the meeting

<Irfan> ACTION: Irfan to put an agenda for face to face meeting at CSUN

<trackbot> Created ACTION-12 - Put an agenda for face to face meeting at csun [on Irfan Ali - due 2019-11-20].

Janina: ATIA may make more sense for AT vendor contact.

Irfan: will make agenda, need 60 day advance notice for W3C

Janina: thinking about finalizing the spec and taking it mainstream - how do we make the spec testable -- testing suite, files etc.

Irfan: should we create a proof of concept (POC)?

Janina: Yes, demonstrate that the spec is implementable
... it is not too soon to start.
... once we know approach, then start.

<paul_grenier> I need to drop. Cheers!

Janina: eventually we will need to move it from APA to Web Platforms

trackbot, end meeting

Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Irfan to add timeline in wiki
[NEW] ACTION: Irfan to put an agenda for face to face meeting at CSUN
[NEW] ACTION: Mark to get example from Talking Book Community
[NEW] ACTION: Mark to Review the gap Analysis document

Summary of Resolutions

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