Silver Community Group Teleconference

08 Nov 2019


jeanne, Cyborg, janina, Lauriat, bruce_bailey, Fazio, KimD, Jan, johnkirkwood
Peter_Korn, Chuck


Updates from content writing groups

<scribe> scribe: janina

<Cyborg> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fE0OZnOGmndBEGo_EI8L8fNWsHfhv3ww6zz-v7CiBn8/edit

cyborg: Will share alt text
... Still a work in progress even in our subgroup, needs edits length and accuracy
... Hoping to complete by Tuesday call
... some of us are working on gaps from 1.1.1
... still need to consensus on that
... also want to say something about the use of tabs
... what goes into them, how much needs finished by fpwd
... also where in the draft?
... i.e. what goes in the tab directly, vs as a link

jeanne; a method?

cyborg: more worried that it's a link
... also still working on even where current content fits in the new

<jeanne> Example of Methods as a link: https://w3c.github.io/silver/prototypes/PlainLanguage2/SectionHeading.html

jeanne: links seem to be the easy way for now--also accessible

cyborg: think develop and write tabs need to be worked up first

jeanne: Reason for all this effort in the initial SC is to work out how we will address
... if not specific to tech, goes in the tab
... if it's specific to a tech, it goes in a link

cyborg: wonders whether we need division between visiaul presentation and user design samples

jeanne: don't think we yet have enough examples -- except usability testing would go in a method because it's a test

cyborg: believe the way we've put them together in the past has been problematic

jeanne: we need more work in this area and need good examples to say this not that
... Notes one company has 41 job titles that could fit usability testing, which is why we haven't split to date

cyborg: agrees it's complex

jeanne: asks whether there's a schedule for what's finished and what's left to do

cyborg: start page should be ready by Tuesday
... Remaining tabs no clarity

jeanne: Clear Words? Jan?

jan: Had a few working sessions to determine what components can be quantifiably measured

<jeanne> Clear WOrds #

jan: we have some things separated out that way vs what would need doing editorially or with user testing
... Also looking at some kind of tolerance level definition
... Tolerance came highly suggested
... Rough draft still

jeanne: did work on a reading comprehensibility test -- whether the content is understandable test
... avoiding

<jeanne> Avoid abstract metaphor (*Usability study*)

<jeanne> Avoid inferences and sarcasm. (*Usability study*)

<jeanne> Point out the most important points and take-aways. (*usability*)

jeanne: much of this comes out of plain language work from various organizations including U.S. Government

<Fazio> US government has a published plain language standard doc

jeanne: notes there's much that can't be tested

<Fazio> bites of text lines before separated by a space (enter) is important for comprehrension

cyborg: Understand above 3 are particularly important
... might benefit from usability studies in addition to editorial review
... worried about false passes

jeanne: Any other reports for today?


Lessons learned and streamlining the process for writing content

jeanne: beginning to pull together lessons learned so we can streamline the process and bring in some more help to migrate existing SC
... recalls suggestion on file naming

cyborg: wants to be clear much work has gone into process and the docs do exist. they're disparate and divergent, but there are docs, just not coalesced

jeanne: True, but I don't have a doc to point people to and say "follow this"
... that's what we're trying to create

<jeanne> Process #

<jeanne> Template https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Smly4XDxfzfXHa7AoUxoLXLy_3PdOXMkh0ZwtgksSPk/edit#heading=h.md08kklljtxk

jeanne: both docs are still works in progress
... so new content ...
... file naming and correct location
... starting filename with guideline so they sort together

<jeanne> Before starting a new document, use the following link to navigate in Google drive to the folder for guideline drafts. If you need to navigate manually in Google Drive use: Silver Subgroup > Phase 4 - Silver Content > Guideline and Method Drafts

<jeanne> Share with the default sharing of the folder. This should be a default confirmation popup when you create a new file.

<jeanne> Please start all file names with the short name of the guideline (for example, Alt Text) so your documents all sort together. Then a few words to describe what makes this document unique. For example:

<jeanne> Pause Stop Scope Exploration

<jeanne> Pause Stop for Working Draft

<jeanne> Pause Stop Methods

<jeanne> Pause Stop Technical Discussion

<jeanne> Once you create a new document, please email Jeanne a link to the document.

jeanne: always begin with shortname of guideline!
... have worked with several groups on the process now, so have noticed something missing and some that could be streamlined to be more efficient

david: Should our 2.2 work be cognizant of this? Is there an inter-relationship?

cyborg: percieve this as serving two different masters
... Don't want to see the 2.x restraints imported into silver
... probably helpful to know there will be a jump; but don't see how making 2.2 try to fit silver as possible
... deep user reference point

df: that's my world

Changes to the process document proposed

jeanne: lots of rearranging
... much that belongs in the xplainer had crept into user needs

<jeanne> List group(s) of people with disabilities and the barriers they experience

<jeanne> Identify common needs and unique needs

<jeanne> List the known solutions

<jeanne> Identify known exceptions

cyborg: Would like to compare the original. Is there a link for that?

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/10zDtAvu0vP4BpZ4yYqupj7nDfk1jPNnbnHmnby_AGn8/edit#heading=h.8j6pwbsnl608

cyborg: not seeing what would help me
... this is edited?

jeanne: yes, can go back via version history

cyborg: previous version not named so can't find where it's changed

jeanne: scroll down to june 21

cyborg: afraid much work was deleted; want to compare
... can i restore?

jeanne: please, no, it would remove my work

<KimD> It looks like you can make a copy

shawn: easiest find the version you want to keep, select and copy into a new doc

cyborg: asks whether we might rename the new version

jeanne: i'll work with you, but need to move on
... so point of first section is to identify some of the subtelties not addressed in the past
... e.g. cosinder broader pwd groups needs

. step 2 is to identify the common needs
. also will want to handle exceptions differently

<jeanne> List tags for information architecture. Tags should include:

. to enable searching in multiple ways

<jeanne> Tags Proposed:

<jeanne> If the guideline is being migrated, enter the WCAG SC number or numbers if there are multiple SC are being combined

<jeanne> WCAG Principle (Perceivable, Operable, Understandable or Robust)

<jeanne> Disability groups served. Use the common name or names that users of Silver would search for.

<jeanne> Functional user need from Mandate 376. You can add additional functional needs if they are missing (e.g. vestibular)

<jeanne> Meta-organization of guidelines (if applicable). This will allow us to group common guidelines together, such as all the guidelines that impact readability or media.

<jeanne> Technology or component where commonly used (e.g. video, navigation menu)

. gives us the ability to list redudently
. e.g. pull up all criteria relating to hearing loss
. wondering whether to tag from m376
. would assist people working with EU regs
. another example: there may be groups of guidelines that should be considered together as possibly with color contrast
. last is tech component, e.g. "what's everything i have to do for video?"

cyborg: still not a fan of m376

jeanne; noted

jeanne: It is a reality in the EU
... I'm always trying to be mindful to avoid being US centric

cyborg: worried some of EU could undo some progress we're making

shawn: Tagging with more than one could be useful

cyborg: Oh, more than one! Much better!

<Fazio> +1

+1 to more than one

kim: praise for the work

<jeanne> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Smly4XDxfzfXHa7AoUxoLXLy_3PdOXMkh0ZwtgksSPk/edit#

jeanne: note each section has link to instructions
... encourages people to try it out! We need more material in

<johnkirkwood> oops ;)

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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