Automotive Working Group Teleconference

22 Oct 2019



Ted, Rudi, Ulf, Peter, Glenn, Gunnar, Adnan, Magnus, Daniel, Benjamin


Base document

Peter: recently the base document was brought up, revisit based on effort to align with ViWi

Ulf: there were not enough people to reach an official decision last week but the feeling was to continue with Gen2

Peter: core and transport

Ulf: correct and that is still my preference but open to discussion

Peter: I am fine with that decision

Ted: how many where there?

Ulf: only 5 or so

Daniel: correct, we wanted to have more people to ratify

Magnus: Patrick joined at end and didn't have strong objection to the initial concensus, encouraged issue for further discussion

Daniel: he said we can continue offline (no mail thread took place)

Magnus: I do not have a problem with continuing with Gen2 and think the faster we make the decision the better

Peter, Gunnar, Ted: fine with me

RESOLUTION: Gen2 as base document

Authentication and Authorization

Peter: I started reviewing this morning and then got stuck on tooling, reading html diffs

Ulf: I included a couple more readable links in mail

Ulf's mail

Ulf: and Patrick sent a good diff link https://github.com/w3c/automotive/compare/gh-pages...UlfBj:gh-pages
... I started with the Autentication and Authorization part as what ViWi has is better than what was in VISS, latter unspecified
... started with a copy/paste and removed ViWi specific pieces, I do not claim it is complete as there are some areas that might need refinement and made issues for the ones that stood out to me

Daniel: I had a question when I read it, Oauth mechanism is given as an example and sort of vague
... perhaps there are reasons for not tighter binding

Ted: I think that stems from hesitation on choosing a given auth method as that is readily subject to change

Daniel: we could be more explicit and concrete and update the document as needed

Ulf: Oauth is not clear on so many details and considered more a concept itself

Daniel: we can continue to review and improve on this section

Gunnar: I would prefer to be specific and update the document as warranted, we should go with the current best practice
... we can implement and update based on experience, provide practice for others to follow

Ulf: absolutely, good idea

Ted: more specificity certainly good as is experimenting, we may want to have an accompanying best practices document

Ulf: scope concept that ViWi uses is a good idea but left the parts of that related to ViWi specific parts but didn't try to evolve it
... Daniel had a question about it as well

Magnus: I think scopes are part of Oauth specification, you can use it to provide different levels of access

Daniel: exactly. having scopes named but not what it confines would help, give more context

RESOLUTION: minor issues but otherwise accept pull request

Ulf: I will raise issue and make other pull requests, encourage others to take on sections from ViWi

Ted: I'll look at versioning especially as we need it in VISS as well, https://github.com/w3c/automotive/issues/307

Daniel: Ulf, if you can provide a list as you see it for people to jump in on

Gunnar: for versioning, I want to keep it minimal. one idea would be a data item in VSS itself that includes the value in tree itself
... you handle it directly in Git when you make a branch for a release

Ulf: I think that is a good idea too

Ted: I like it too


(associate Github and W3C accounts)

action Ted to review repository permissions

<trackbot> Created ACTION-31 - Review repository permissions [on Ted Guild - due 2019-10-29].


Ted: we have another page (will find after call https://www.w3.org/auto/wg/wiki/Agenda_Planning) with a more concise list of desired features for people to review from ViWi

Ulf: there is also VSS Graph project, we have a few use case proposals in Google docs
... maybe should move over to wiki

Ted: I can use ssh keys for those who want to work on this test server, unsure which graph engine to start with and maybe Daniel, Adnan, Benjamin or others have a suggestion

Daniel and Adnan: we can follow up

Glenn: there is a slot in OEM government SAE meeting in January, I could promote it there

Peter: adjourned

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

  1. Gen2 as base document
  2. minor issues but otherwise accept pull request
[End of minutes]

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