Accessible Platform Architectures Working Group Teleconference

09 Oct 2019


jasonjgw, janina, Joshue108_, SteveNoble, scott_h


Real-time communication accessibility.

<Joshue108_> scribe: scott_h

RTCC draft

Janina: just updated

WebRTC XR cautious about some proposed commitments

Issue raised about polyfills - proposed different languages, updated draft just gone to list

<Joshue108_> DIscussing Doms latest suggested draft

<Joshue108_> s/<DIscussing Doms latest suggested draft>/DIscussing Janinas edit with Doms latest suggestions

jason: when will we need CFC?

<Joshue108_> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-rqtf/2019Oct/0014.html

janina: start it after today's APA call

josh: this is time sensitive with draft ending Friday

judy: looking for feedback, only 36 hours?

judy concerned about limited time for feedbakc

janina: not APA dealine, RTC want ot move forward with it

judy to check with Dom on timing

josh: even if move into CR shortly we can still comment on it?

Janina: yes

Judy: could be issue with re-reviewing info.

jason: what were teh most recent changes to discuss to query surrounding the commitmetns to make?

janina: three changes, specificlaly callout order

two changes that Dom asked for

janina: most contriversial takes out any reference ot polyfill

Josh reads from Dom's email

'unless we receive confirmaiton that gateway exists, should be more cautious'

jason: interpeted polyfill more literally, what you woud luse if standardised but might be protoocl translator
... carired on WebRTC data channel, widely availalbe fo rreal-time text now

josh: polyfill implementaiton is different ot gateway...gateway is lower down in the stack
... judy, could you get more detial on implementations

judy: happy to do that

josh: gateway-type solutions: never heard of form devleoper perspective

janina: jargonistic lanugage may not be helpful, may be talking about protoocl translation gateway

jason: that's waht I think is meant as well

<Joshue108_> s/detial on implemtnations/detail on implementations

josh: language around Janina's writing makes it easier to understand

jason: if not avaalble in applicaiotn or fully developed, need to know and sitll open quesiton. Janina, any quesitons about commitments put forward here?

janna: comfortable with commitment adjustments given FCC

<Joshue108_> +1 to Janina

jason: other than gaway interm approaches, any other queries?

janina: problemhere is its a negotiation with language in their specification. Do we need more of a conversation to iron this out?

jason: need to find out interim implementaiton could clarify what we're referring to and reach agreement

<Joshue108_> s/comofrtable iwth/comfortable with

steve: WebRTC defintion on ribboncommunications.com 'what is a WebRTC gateway?'

<Joshue108_> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebRTC_Gateway

steve; some define as a server, or device or sfotware applicaiton

steve: may be something been aroudn for a few years, maybe a software app that sits on teh cloud, push something n and something comes out

jason: based on what Dom was saying, can implemnt as how programmer trnslates protoocols
... some might be trnslating to telephony infrastrcture or would need specialised hardware, diffrent protocols depending on giong to RTT in softwtrware or sometihng going to traditional service like mobile

josh: Dom is making the point that to support RTT may involve the gateway more than polyfill, standardising that, but all ratehr vague

jason: quesito fo rme, if you have 2 or 3 clients communicating using RTT, gateway solutionw oudl mean one or all parties woudl ahve to use othe rprotocol/gateway, complicited
... differnt cases to distingish. what they say in their spec is only general for the interim

josh: to janina - in new text, allowing specific protoocls, we shoudl be highliging there's some soluitons by polyfills and gateways, but this needs attention is the issue
... prefer your first option

jason: how we describe interim solution is the only issue?

janina: Dom raised commitment evaluate, devleoping protoocsl warrant direct exposure in the browser API and looking for info on potential gap

josh: what is the exact purpose of suggested text? what do we want?

janina: anybody buidling applicaitons need to support RTC

josh: two problem then, 1) confusion with RTC on their repsonsibility
... and 2) this work is also shared with IETF
... how can we get webRTC to ackowledge their repsonsbiility, and what do we need ot push

judy: Note is close to accomplishing htat
... if this is something to be added to the spec, would want implementers of RTC to do

<sctot_h> judy: agree in aproaching this that gets coordiantion with IETF

judy: whanted to see sometingon current implementation but not htere

janina: no one is pointing to current implementation,
... does incorporate CFR reference 4103 supporitng TTY to 2021

jason: WebRTC Gateway exsiting in telco netowrks as possibility, again all parties using WebRTC clients so applicaiton would have to define own approach

<Joshue108_> s/applicaiton would ahve/application would have

janina: if we can find specific examples of implementation and add in e.g. phase would be good
... important as it is to support deaf and TTY and movin to RTT, will benefit with texting emergency

jason: what are our acitons?

janina: waitng ot hear from judy on implementaiton and timeline

judy: will be clarifying polyfill implemenation
... seeking timeline clarity

jason: taking it up in APA?

janina: yes but can't go to CFC until resolved

Accessibility of XR.

jason: XR accessibility josh has criculated documents

<Joshue108_> https://www.w3.org/WAI/APA/wiki/XR_Accessibility_Primer

jason: second note is that dealine for submitting to inclsuive emmersive XR workshop has been xtended to end of this week
... clarifying the audiences

josh: yes and woudl also liek to talk about current thinking and what we can do with it'
... accessibility primer not suitable, trying to capture notes form the meeting
... but realised to create a proper primer is a big job but not there yet
... judy mentioned primer woudl be useful but odn't fele the doucment currently avialable is what it nees to be

josh would like to cut back document so it is more suitable , make it WebXR new challenges or enviroemtn accessibilty challenges

Scott: found the doucment useful even if a little rough around the edges

josh: thaks, talked to Shadi and looking to bring it down to potentia issues and solutions
... need ot walk before we run
... would like to keep it internally for us

judy: right that title is not the best match for contnet

juy: what i'd initially been thining was an easy on-ramp to the topic, while what'shere is interesting deeper dive

judy: would liek to see 'what is XR' and intro, preliminary document
... owuld be cautious about starting another doucment
... take out some assumptions about what know or don't know, ore nuts and bolts

josh: if you could read again and provide more feedback
... I'll pair it back, change title,

jason: some of my commetns would address what Judy is talking aobut: separating expalnatory matierlas

<janina> brb

jason: might ahve more XR expertise than accessiblity or vice-vesa, expalnatory intro woudl help for different audiences

judy: new title?

tittle: WebXR rendering and accessibility challenges"

jason: WebXR technology accessiblity

judy: WebXR stndards background for accessiblity issues
... standards and architectural issues

<Joshue108_> WebXR standards and architectural issues

josh: like judy's suggsiton

<Judy> jb: Web XR: Standards and Architectural Background for Accessibility Issues

<Judy> jb: Web XR: Standards Background for Accessibility Issues

josh: doucment primarily came out of lecutre by Nell from Amazon, tried to capture in the minutes
... also need to look at this document n relation to XAUR document
... would strip out some content form XAUR draft to provide more background

janain: add this into XAUR?

janina: would help give people an intro to the enviroment and leaidng into user requirements

jason: would be good to limit documents

judy: reality is if its four time shorter, will get four times as many readers
... want ot absorb people in the info

udy: four times doucments, four times lost to consolidation

<Joshue108_> SH: One of the things reading the primer was the dillema around including all types of AT in this WebXR architecture.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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