XForms Users Community Group Teleconference

02 Oct 2019



Alain, Erik, Steven


<ebruchez> I am in

Declarative Amsterdam


Steven: This is this Friday
... includes several talks on XForms.

ACTION-2264: Propose text for the merged textnodes case of insert

and replace. [Erik]


Erik: Let me see...
... still in progress

ACTION-2261: Clarify what to do with merged text nodes in

xforms-replace event [Erik]


Steven: This is just an earlier version of the same

Close ACTION-2261

<trackbot> Closed ACTION-2261.

ACTION-2259: Propose text for mips on controls [Steven]


Steven: In progress


Steven: I'm collecting all publication about XForms I can find. I've done ACM digital library, and I'm working through XML Prague, and will do XML London, and Balisage
... but please let me know of other pubs that you know of.

XForms and Web sockets


Steven: So it's a lot like submit. Any comments?

Erik: I have no websocket experience myself, but the main application seems to be chats

Steven: And games. But The Danes used submit for chatting and that worked already.
... the similarity to submit is that you request from a server, and it sends stuff, but serially rather than closing.

Erik: And you can send new stuff.

Steven: True.

Erik: You would need a bit more.

Steven: True, but the similarities are great.

Erik: With no socket experience, I can make no suggestions. I propose we do more research (or do nothing).

Steven: I'll try and research more, and see what I come up with.

<scribe> ACTION: Steven to research websockets.

<trackbot> Created ACTION-2266 - Research websockets. [on Steven Pemberton - due 2019-10-09].

Alain: I have no experience, but there are possible multiple submissions, so perhaps it is a superset of submission.

Steven: Agree.





Summary of Action Items

[NEW] ACTION: Steven to research websockets.

Summary of Resolutions

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