Automotive Working Group Teleconference

01 Oct 2019


Benjamin, Glenn, Gunnar, Magnus, Ted, Sebastian, Guru, Joakim
Ulf, Peter, PatrickL


Congratulation Dr Klotz

Call for Editors update

Ted: in order to revitalize Gen2 we agreed at F2F to have a call for editors, made some explicit pleas within the group to raise to their management. Patrick Bartsch from JLR got Colin Lee to join and was hoping he would be an editor but he is more standards coordination which is also helpful

Gunnar: I agree and eager to get going
... hope the chairs to provide more guidance, need clear roadmap and next steps, which chapters

VSS update

Ted defer until we have Daniel and Ulf

VSS2.0 pending, also prompt edit to handle versioning in VISS likely getMetaData method

Liaison update

IEC 15118 & 63110 EV charging - initial inquiries

ISO TC22, SC31 - Extended Vehicle, liaison established

ISO TC204 Intelligent Transportation Systems - liaison vote in October, observer status at plenary

ISO JTC-1 (sc?) SmartCities

ISO TC211 Geographic Information, liaison approved

TC211 Ontology repo,

W3C Spatial Data on Web Interest Group rechartering at OGC Plenary in Toulouse, France expect them to help orchestrate

Ted: additionally there is AutoSAR which is further down the stack closer to signal inception. While considerable has been standardized at this level there is still no common models for in-vehicle signals, getting one would also reduce regular strain between OEM and providers, and ease integration

Gunnar: I have not heard anything more complete on data alignment in AutoSAR yet
... we are starting to anticipate that
... this is a potential ethernet based CAN replacement that could include VSS signals
... in parallel we are having a positive discussion on legal obstacles
... I might be limited in what I can relay back

Ted: similar with ISO and IEC
... I am still figuring out their processes and what I can talk about, will be more one directional reporting what we do and high level in return from ISO
... I am looking for involvement from other W3C Auto participants to help work on a strategy for how to present a proposal to align on vehicle data

Call schedule



Guru: what sort of tooling should we use tackling the tasks once they are outlined?

Ted: mostly we should use github, create issues for tasks and have accompanying pull requests for consideration

Joakim: Benjamin, can we see your thesis?

Benjamin: my slides?

Ted: and thesis

Benjamin: definitely, will send link to slides and cleaning up thesis

Joakim: congratulations



Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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