The meetup demos are brought to you by the event's sponsors: NTT Communications, Sauce Labs, Igalia GMO Pepabo and Yubico.

NTT Comm robot

Immersive Telepresence Experience Between Fukuoka and Tokyo

by Kensaku Komatsu and Toshiya Nakakura (NTT Communications)

In this demonstration, you can have an immersive experience to control a robot in Tokyo, 800 km (500 miles) away from Fukuoka. As this robot is controlled by WebRTC technology on top of our SkyWay platform, anyone can operate it in immersive way from anywhere in the world.

This technology will make it possible for physical remote tasks. For example, in our field trial, we have accomplished a physical initialization and re-configuration of a Cisco router in a remote Data Center with this robot.

SauceLabs' WebDriver capabilities

Testing the Performance of the Web by Extending WebDriver Capabilities

by Christian Bromann (Sauce Labs)

Browser automation has come a long way and is finally now standardized as a W3C web standard called WebDriver, developed by the Browser Testing and Tools Working Group. WebDriver enables QA engineers and developers to test their web applications in an automated fashion and ensure a flawless digital experience. While the industry is changing and cross browser testing is becoming less critical in the QA ecosystem, other important aspects of quality assurance rise up.

Sauce Labs is hosting the worlds' largest grid of browsers and mobile devices in the cloud all run by the WebDriver protocol. The company provides development and quality teams with instant access to the test coverage, scalability, and analytics they need to deliver quality web applications in a fast manner. Together with customers, that run many thousand tests a day, Sauce Labs and their testing experts are experimenting with new automation features that leverage new technologies of today's modern browser.

In this demonstration we will show you, how Sauce Labs is using Chrome DevTools functionality to offer frontend performance tests at scale in the cloud. By providing an extended version of the WebDriver Protocol, Sauce Labs users have instant access to commands that run performance tests with the help of Open Source tools like Lighthouse.

Software and IT services provided by Igalia

Beyond browser vendors: Igalia and Open Source's unique roles in Standardization

by Brian Kardell (Igalia)

Our collective ideas and approach to standardization have changed and matured a lot in the last 30 years. Things have gotten a lot better. Browser vendors, however, have always seemed to play a critical role and thus had an exceptionally loud voice in the standards process. A considerable number of things are often held up because of simple organizational priorities, rather than significant controversy or disagreement.
For more details, read Brian Kardell's related blog post.

Igalia helps remedy this by giving non-browser vendors the opportunity to contribute to and advance the Open Web Platform in concrete ways. Stop by and learn about the many modern and popular features that we have helped advance, and how we help enable a healthy ecosystem.

GMO Pepabo's Lolipop! server

Shared Server Service 'Lolipop!'

by Yoshiya Taniwaki and Kensuke Yukimoto (GMO Pepabo)

We will introduce a Managed-Cloud plan and a new High-Speed plan from "Lolipop!"

The Managed-Cloud plan from Lolipop! has both the flexibility of a cloud service and the benefits of simplicity of being a shared server. It allows you to make Web sites and applications easily and that can respond to a very high number of requests. High-Speed plan, which is a new plan released on Sept. 2nd, is easy to manage and features the fastest level of server responses. We will display information about the two plans from Lolipop! and send out a simple survey about shared servers. Please come to learn about Lolipop! and get our cool novelty gifts like stickers and more!

manga Bravery Divina


by Laurent Le Meur (EDRlab) and Luc Audrain (Hachette Digital Innovation)

They are called manga, webtoon, bande dessinée or comics depending on the country. When digital, these "visual narratives" are read at home and on the move via native apps or on the Web. This digital market is a huge reality in Korea and Japan.

By bringing together the actors of the book chain, the EDRLab DiViNa Working Group aims at developing an open standard for digital comics on the Web, based on Web publications: a descriptive language, independent of any rendering technology, capable of conveying the intentions of comics authors regarding the image structure, visual constraints, transitions between images, snap points, sounds, animations, layers and parallax effects. DiViNa stands for Digital Visual Narratives, a mobile first generalization of comics, manga, etc.

Currently incubated by the EDRLab DiViNa Working Group, the Readium initiative is creating an open-source reading tool, that will be proposed to the W3C Publishing Working Group as a profile of Web Publications after being tested on different markets.

DiViNa's project team: Yoann Le Scoul (author), Ludivine Gouhier (editor), Florian Dupas (developer).

WebAuthn at Yubico

Simply elegant. Web Authentication, an API for accessing Public Key Credentials

by John Fontana and Luke Walker (Yubico)

In March of this year, Web Authentication (WebAuthn) became a W3C Recommendation, the final step in creating a standard API for authenticating users to web-based applications and services. Based on public key cryptography, WebAuthn is quickly finding favor with companies and services looking for better security. What makes WebAuthn so noteworthy is that all major platforms and browsers support the API. This provides simple authentication methods that protect against phishing attacks and creates a cross-platform and standardized environment.

At the W3C developer meetup, Yubico will highlight this work with a set of demos incorporating browsers, applications and mobile devices.


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