Silver Community Group Teleconference

24 Sep 2019


jeanne, Chuck, AngelaAccessForAll, LuisG, Peter


<Peter_Korn_> Am I in the right room now?

TPAC review



Multiple ways to measure added interviews with Mobile TF

Luis: I like combining some of the ideas for minimum bar -- the non-interference, the ACT tests, and the appropriate manual tests for the platform.

Peter: We have been thinking about a similar thing as a solution to some of the challenges

Luis: We have silos that people would need a mimimum number of points in

Chuck: One of the interesting conversations was that if there are concerns that if anyone says they don't fully support an aspect of Silver, then it could be a roadmap for plaintiff lawyers for what to attack.

Peter: If the W3C is saying the "whatevers" is conforming, and if it is recognized by the W3C then it would accepted by regulatory agencies.

Jeanne: In my experience with medium size companies, there are many doing VPATS of websites.
... including being public about what they don't do.
... If anyone wants to take these ideas and pull together a proposal, it would be welcome.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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