WebRTC combined with IMS

18 Sep 2019


Chunming, Yefeng, xfq



<scribe> scribenick: xfq

yefeng: websocket proxy server @@
... it waits for webrtc clients for connection
... after that websocket network will connect to SIP server
... then it will send messages to the N server
... webrtc media stream uses ICE for private network penetration
... TURN: webrtc behind NAT
... main function of SIP server is to perform user authn and process control
... not responsible for transmission of media streams
... multi-party calls
... the continous development of the technologies, including webrtc
... reply on webrtc as an important way to develop IMS

[showing demo]

chunming: what's the network config behind the demo?

[yefeng showing network architecture of the demo]

yefeng: normally webrtc is p2p
... so you don't need websocket proxy

chunming: what does IMS mean?

yefeng: IP Multimedia Subsystem
... we would like to utilize webrtc to replace the traditional IMS systems

chunming: you mentioned STUN
... is this deployed in the gateway?
... from my understanding the SIP server can be an extension of webrtc?

yefeng: SIP is not responsible for the media stream

chunming: 2 suggestions
... where do we discuss this streaming use case?
... you can discuss with the Media folks
... or WebRTC folks

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

[End of minutes]

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