Bullet Chatting - TPAC 2019 Breakout Session

18 Sep 2019


Nigel_Megitt, Chunming, Kaz_Ashimura, plh, xfq, song, lilin, yaohua, xiaoqian, michael, changlin, bowen, chris, and_more



Draft proposal: https://github.com/w3c/danmaku

<scribe> scribenick: xfq

[demo of game broadcasting with bullet chatting]

song: @@

[explaining the allowOverlap attribute]

[explaining the bulletchat element]

song: we have several demos


[presenting the simple-demo]

song: we can change the color, the font size
... put it at bottom
... or top

[presenting the bulletchatting-proposal-demo]

song: this demo implements the proposal
... you can put the content of the bullet chatting in 'innerHTML'
... you can change the duration, the delay etc. of the bullet chatting
... you can change the area too
... the demo is implemneting the API in the proposal

[debugging the projector]

michael: @@
... we're fortunately to be invited by Mr. Song to this breakout session
... Japanese companies are also interested in this area

[debugging the projector again]

michael: we're dwango
... 10m monthly active users

[showing a demo of a video on niconico]

michael: users can even create artwork using comments

[showing a demo image of artwork]

michael: this is part of our culture

plh: there was a demo that a dancer is dancing and masked


song: we listed it as an use cases, but not in the technical proposal
... it's mostly server-side computation

nigel: How do you make this accessible? How do you meet the needs of users who cannot read the text?

michael: we're currently not working on it, @@

song: we considered using WebVTT when designing bullet chatting, but there are several differences
... the bullet chatting is not necessarily connected with videos
... e.g., the Interactive wall use case: https://w3c.github.io/danmaku/index_en.html#interactive-wall

michael: yes, we have similar services in niconico's systems as well

chris: @@ comment sync with video playback
... some people may want to watch video slower and see the comments slower

nigel: i didn't see sync of media events in the proposal
... do you have these in other documents such as a requirements document

song: currently not
... but it sounds interesting
... we'll develop one

michael: for dwango we currently don't have specific opinions on how this is standardized
... we're interested in participating in the future
... currently it's developeed in the chinese ig

nigel: your overall goal here is to have a format for sending danmaku to the player, but you're ok with whatever the final format is?

xiaoqian: i think that's the consensus of editors from chinese ig, not sure about our new participants from japan

michael: @@

plh: immersive use cases?

<plh> (Benjamin De Kosnik)

Benjamin: @@ multiple rendering of bullet chatting

song: in the demo, you can try changing the allowOverlap attribute

Benjamin: another question
... how much exploration is still going on in this area?

song: the implementation is already ready in the market
... the standardization depends on process and other factors, like new scenes (VR/AR etc.)

nigel: how do captions/subtitles and bulelt chatting interact?

michael: we currently don't have a CC system in our player
... but if we develop one, it will be a completely different system
... they won't probably interact
... this might be worth mentioning
... some users use our comment system (bullet chatting) soemwhat as subtitles

nigel: Are you looking to standardise delivery of this
... before the playback, or real-time?

michael: in our impl, when live streaming it's real time
... in videos and videos on-demand, it's @@

nigel: do you have a delivery model in mind?

kaz: the system includes two network models
... one (video) through http interface
... the live service uses websocket connection. they're still wondering which part should be standardized within W3C.

plh: webrtc is also interesting
... it's useful for real-time text as well
... webrtc WG mentioned that the US has requirements for transferring real-time text when using webrtc as well

Kaz: comment related to plh's comment. when I talked with the Dwango guys, I also mentioned the possibility of extending their bullet chat mechanism for immersive 360 video, and WebRTC (and location/direction information) would be useful for that purpose. would continue to talk with them.

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[End of minutes]

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