22 Aug 2019


Wilco, alistairg, Kasper, Daniel, Jean-Yves, Darius, anne_thyme


<scribe> scribe: Jean-Yves

REMEMBER: Sign up for face-to-face meeting 24-25 September 2019 #708

<Wilco> https://www.w3.org/community/act-r/act-rules-cg-face-to-face-meeting-on-24-25-september-2019-in-copenhagen-denmark/

Wilco: reminder f2f meeting in sept. Sign up before Sept 12.
... book hotel soon.

Anne: especially if need accessible room

AGENDA ITEM, Final call https://github.com/act-rules/act-rules.github.io/pulls?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+label%3A%22Final+call%22

Wilco: 3 final calls.

Anne: auto play audio might go to final call today. Is it OK to final call it if there is just an editorial change after 3 approval?

Wilco: Yes.
... two final call rules are also labelld WiP. Jey: demote FC.

AGENDA ITEM, Reviewers wanted https://github.com/act-rules/act-rules.github.io/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Aopen+is%3Apr+review%3Arequired+

Wilco: lot of rules need review. Remind to look at them and do review.
... Jey has change applicability on lang rule. Dagfinn, Wilco and Kasper will look.
... checkin outdated hyperlink (aria 1.0, ...)
... autocomplete new applicability.
... changelog on new page => other agenda item.
... Anne will review interpretation rule.
... missing links in glossary

JY: more writing work, less reading work. Test not easy to write.

Wilco: keep test in another PR.

JY: footnote links support is added to ease write.

Wilco: Daniel will review.
... name from content

JY: mix of textual/non-textual content tricky.

Anne: will do what I can and hand over to JY.

Wilco: SVG rule.

Anne: It is on hold.

Wilco: heading not only whitespace

Anne: need more work. Mostly editorial. Ready for review for most parts.

Wilco: ARIA required context role

Anne: problem with multiple owners, need to be clarified. Will need new review.

Wilco: ARIA working group is looking for proper ownership definition.

Anne: they also look at inheritance issue.

Embrace tabs to split out contents of rule page #807

<Wilco> https://act-rules.github.io/rules/73f2c2

Wilco: should we split the rule pages with tabs?

Jey: rule pages are pretty long. We already move changelog to separate page. Maybe tabs is better to avoid multiply pages.

Anne: concerned about accessibility of pages!

Darius: agree that pages are too long

Wilco: need to keep within ACT-Rules format. Visible test cases is good.

JY: test cases are part of the rule. how to make rules easy to read?

Anne: WCAG is one very long page. Should we do the same?

Jey: another solution is expandable/collapsible sections.

incorrect info about xml:lang #668

<Wilco> https://github.com/act-rules/act-rules.github.io/issues/668

Wilco: somebody need to deep dive into it and make a proposal

JY: tried to look at it. failed...

Wilco: it's very technical. Kasper will look into it.

Add "language" as an input aspect to rules that has to do with evaluating meaning #671

Wilco: how to include language in test cases.

Anne: "this example is in English" in description vs add lang attributes.

Wilco: probably both.

Anne: if implementation only look at language tag and it is wrong, there is a problem.

Kasper: several rule have exception for non human language stuff, also need language as input.

JY: all input aspects need to be uniquely determined from the content of each example.
... I'll look into it.

Consider using accessibility tree as an input aspect #638

JY: accessibility tree is currently not uniquely determined from HTML. Will need to be added to all examples.

Wilco: DOM tree+browser build unique tree

Alistair: will we promote the accessibility tree of one browser?

Wilco: Axe-core is mostly Chrome

Kasper: Alfa is mostly aria introspection+accessible name computation.

Alistair: we create a virtualized DOM.

Wilco: two things. 1/ standardisation of accessibility tree (aria group is working a bit on that); 2/ What do we do now? Until standardisation, differences will exist

Alistair: choosing one browser is accelerating standardisation. Kicking off a TF with google and other would be good.

Wilco: puppeteer is exposing accessibility tree.

Alistair: we should have a piece of code that generate accessibility tree and exemplify it. Set up a new W3C TF to standardise accessibility tree

Wilco: ACT CG is not the best place for that. ARIA probably better.
... we are on hold on that topic until standardisation

<Kasper> For what it's worth: https://github.com/WICG/aom/blob/gh-pages/explainer.md#what-happened-to-accessiblenode

Daniel: we can only take the DOM for sure.
... we can't make standard with just one partner

(we disconnected...)

Wilco: we can try and promote our aria-owned definition once we have it.
... in meantime, add accessibility tree as input aspect is good.
... Wilco will do a PR.

Alistair: we need to define which accessibility tre we use...

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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