21 Aug 2019


nsteele, jeffh_, elundberg, jcj_moz
jcj_moz, jfontana


<jcj_moz> trackbot start meeting

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<jcj_moz> tony: will only be on for the first 30 minutes

<jcj_moz> scribenick: jcj_moz

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: 909 - still blocked at CTAP

<jfontana> tony: #909 on hold

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: 966 - haven't seen any progress

<jfontana> tony: #966

UNKNOWN_SPEAKER: Akshay isn't on the call today to update

<jfontana> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/966

tony: 1250

elundberg: I haven't had time to look at it yet

tony: 1256

jeffh__: Nina is on the call and speak to 1256

<jfontana> https://github.com/w3c/webauthn/pull/1256

nsatragno: Awaiting comments from AutomatedTester

<jfontana> tony: asked JC and Akshay to look at this

<jfontana> jcj_moz: I will ping our guy to look at this

jcj_moz: Will ping AutomatedTester

<jfontana> tony: still on hold

jeffh: Will re-review

<jfontana> jeffH: I will re-review

<scribe> scribenick: jfontana

Nina: when will MSFT look at this.

tony: yes. akshay finding someone to look at it
... take care of this next week



tony: did we get all the changes

jcj_moz: yes

jeffH: agl feels this is ready to go.

tony: I just want emil to clean up his pending question
... then #1275 is ready to roll
... that will bringin #1264


tony: emil have you looked at this?

jeffH: #1270?

elundberg: ready for review but want to merge #1250 first

emil: I need to do antoher pass on #1250


tony: any issues with this one for merge?
... jeffH can you merge.

jeffH: merged.


jeffH: in process of working on cred man to make this work.
... in terms of feature policy spec itself, for permission feature the Mozilla folks are somewhat supportive.

jcj_moz: we all want the same thing, we have some minor changes. working internally to get people on same page
... we will get this done right


JeffH: ready to go. merge


jeffH: agl says it is good to go

tony: go ahead and merghe
... issues

<scribe> ...closed #1279


tony: jeffH is still working on. all the editorial assigned to me, I am waiting to do all at once


tony: assuming everyone in FIDO wants this one.


tony: still not sure where we are with this one.

jeffH: maybe we work through at the face to face.

bradley: we discussed this might be useful , but by the time we get it done it might not be that useful


tony: this is issue
... giri still has open question

jeffh: I've researched this one. think answer is in the secure context spec
... then that the way it is at this point in time
... change it in that spec, not here
... it is one my to-do list.


jeffH: there is PR open
... #1264 PR
... we are waiting for #1275 to land


tony: jeff are you working on the cred man side?

jeffH: yes.

<jcj_moz> << tony logs off >>

<jcj_moz> J.C. motions to adjourn

<jcj_moz> Seconded

<jcj_moz> later!

<jeffh__> c ya!!

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