Silver Community Group Teleconference

13 Aug 2019


Rachael, Lauriat, CharlesHall, Kim, janina, Myndex, Jan, johnkirkwood


TPAC planning

<Lauriat> https://www.w3.org/WAI/GL/task-forces/silver/wiki/2019_September_16-20_in_Fukuoka,_Japan

SL: We have a wiki page
... We will have remote particiaption

<CharlesHall> I will be at TPAC in person (finally) Mon-Wed.

SL: we will have all day meetings MOnday and Tuesday

<Lauriat> 1. New content for Silver for proof of concept

<Lauriat> 2. Migration of existing WCAG content to Silver

<Lauriat> 3. Meeting with Accessibility Guidelines Working Group to give an update on Silver

SL: Our agenda is primarily focused on content, but we want to report on the progress on Conformance.
... we want to meet with ACT

JS: Is the content group going to do all the WCAG CG user needs before working on tests?

SL: We have worked on the 3 that other groups are not working on

JS: The Color Contrast group and the Alternative Text groups met this week, but I don't know the status.

Tasking out functional user needs drafting

<Lauriat> WCAG to Silver outline map: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCRXrtmnSSTso-6S_IO9GQ3AKTB4FYt9k92eT_1PWX4/edit

SL: We can see what we want to bring to TPAC
... MIgration Map link
... we can do some regrouping as they make more sense
... in general, we have two user needs for the sample WCAG SC
... the user needs that the authors of the draft made
... and the list the user needs that the large group drafted.

Janina: Can you explain why you have two sets of user needs?

SL: example of color contrast: There are other user needs -- we can have too much contrast

<CharlesHall> i vote for a combined list of needs versus original and extended

SL: so even though that isn't the user need that the WCAG SC is written for, it is still a need that needs to be considered.

Andy: Vision is the most important sense -- 62% of the brain is devoted to processing vision

SC: ANother example is animations -- new research has identified more needs.

Janina: Have we considered @@? It is something we looked at in APA. We chose not to address it in APA because it is related to operating system. Maybe Silver give advice about it.

Andy: It is another term related for color vision deficiency.

SL: Charles voted in irc for a combined list

Jeanne: +1 for combined list

<janina> +1 to combined

SL: I asked for people to work on a combined list

<CharlesHall> i volunteer to take an action of adding functional user needs to 1-3 assigned criteria groupings. don’t care which.

Jeanne: I would like to ask people on this call who would like to work on the functional user needs of the rest of the success criteria. Is there any one who would rather work on the MIgration document list of user needs to make sure that all the groupings have user needs?

<Jan> I would be interested in working on that.

SL: It will be easier to see what needs doing once we have a good system to track what's done

TPAC planning

SL: Let's take this back to TPAC and flesh out the agenda
... what's the best way to address the conformance model

<CharlesHall> …and remote participation is -13 hours for ET in US.

Janina: How to add more people to the work

<Myndex> And just to mention RE daltonism/color vision deficiency, it is a substantial part of the visual contrast SC,

Jeanne: I think we could work on looking at the proposals and roughly evaluate them against the measures document

SL: I've edited the agenda topics
... Once we have the tracking system set up for the agenda

Jeanne: Once we have it in Github, we can set up milestones so outside groups know when we are working on it.

Janina: If internationalization is working on this tracking system, APA and Silver are all using it, it will make it easier to standardize on it.

<Lauriat> 1. Migration of existing WCAG content to Silver

<Lauriat> 2. New content for Silver for proof of concept

<Lauriat> 3. Assessing conformance model prototypes

Jeanne: Suggest breaking up #2 into separate Low Vision and COGA, because they may want to join us for that work. We can schedule it with them.

SL: @@

Charles: I would like to see the assessment of all the models put into a simple table and view it all into one object.

Jeanne: I worry that we miss the nuances if we put it into one document

Shawn: I think we could summarize and link to the details

Janina: Any organization may reveal more things than we currently are considering

Jeanne: We have several pros and cons documents written. We are getting a pros and cons doc from COGA.

SL: Another thing I would like to talk through at the F2F, which is the overall Silver project plan needs. THis started at CSUN F2F, we don't have a solid plan of breaking down the steps so that we can ask for resources.

<Lauriat> Silver Project Plan Needs (super-rough outline): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zFgVcDUMSOrZ5nnGRocs2pZYkqOhwdyMU_Z62_CedbQ/edit

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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