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31 Jul 2019



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Nadalin, Fontana


tony: register for TPAC. Sept. 16-20

<wseltzer> https://www.w3.org/2019/09/TPAC/


tony: still on hold. on-going


jeffH: waiting on CTAP


akshay: can we move to next draft.

tony: OK. WD-03
... we will create new milestone.


akshay: the proposals are not clear. I would say close it down.

agl: we may do this at some point. we could bring it back.

akshay: let's punt.

jcj_moz: thanks for all the hard work. it is a good idea.

akshay: I will close for now.

<jcj_moz> jcj_moz: "I could go on record as, three years ago 'you told me so' we'd want this, but I stood in the way"


jeffH: we think it is ready to go.

akshay: looks fine to me.

jcj_moz: I have looked at it.
... I can bless it. I have not nit-piked it.
... I will merge.


elundberg: I will look at it next week.


hjeffH: still needs some polishing.
... I need to re-review.


agl: this should be closed two weeks ago.


agl: perhaps others should weigh

bradley: I have reviewed. I asked Mike to review.

selfissue: I am looking at it.

jcj_moz: since we don't define enumeration, do we have to add on to the end.

jeffH: we are adding another value

bradley: I changed the order, but tried to logically group

selfissue: I reviewed and approved.

agl: I still think this is a good change to land now and we can go back if need be.

jcj_moz: by definition Web IDL needs to throw an error

tony: who will submit that issue.
... so merge and open up a different issue

jeffH: yes, one way to do it.


elundberg: I will look at it next week.

tony: i will leave it open until then
... with issues Aksay was going to look at #334


akshay: will look into it


elundberg: I will work on this

tony: still shooting for next version?

elundberg: yes


jcj_moz: close no issue

tony: close


tony: close


tony: same thing
... ?

JeffH: mention it at this point, later we can get fancy if need be.

jcj_moz: I will make a comment


jeffh: will work on it.


agl: we are leaning to closing this issue, no action

jefH: are we waiting for Christiann

agl: I am fine with closing .

jeffH: OK

tony: he coul dre-open or submit something.


tony: what happens with edge

akshay: we should have a single ??? with cross platform browser
... couple of things. need consistent behavior on every platform

agl: we don't want to expose any incognito fucntion.
... we have not worried about this.
... we want consistency. but we are still having issues on chrome

akshay: if decide the other way totally. will we have random noise.

agl: any immediate error wil likkely disclose icognitio with low noise.

akshay: I would like the consistent behavior across platform, browser.

agl: I would be fine with Jeff's language.

wendy: private browsing could give requirements if people wanted.

agl: I claim it is non-normative . I am uncomfortable with normative

akshay: I agree

wendy: that make sense to me

tony: we need to update this issue and then open a PR

agl: I can summarize in the issue
... I cna't do PR now

tony: lets keep it open. and put a note in it.


jeffH: on the to do list


jeffH: on the list


jeffH: same


tony: same editorial issue.


tony: editorial


tony: editorial


tony: PR open


tony: editorial


agl: should be resolved.


akshay: not sure we want to do this

agl: not sure either

akshay: close it

tony: close

jeffH: with a brief explanation, sure

tony: we are through the list. anything else that was not on the list

agl: I want totalk i-frames.
... do we want to allow create or just stay with get
... what ideas are out there.
... other question. this will allow webauthn call to appear in an i-frame.

tony: we shall consult with EMVco stuff

jcj_moz: I had not considered a flag to make embedding OK. but makes sense
... I like this. I don't have opinion on create

James: this is how we dealt with this
... we have to use a pop-up for registration and assertion
... it is one reason we still support U2F

agl: what use would you have for an i-frame

james: if user was on DUO prompt and wanted to add a new credential, we use a pop-up. the only way it will work

agl: wha tis example of top level origin with i-frame

nick: DUO explaining how its platform works.

agl: shoiuld create not be allowed in i-frame

bradley: it should be controlable.

jcjc_moz: is feature policy the right place?
... let the vendor make the decision

agl: we are saying both parties have to. top level origin and embedded i-frame

jcj_moz: I was thinking a specific flag for create.

agl: the flag would be on the get and create calls separately, but the embed-er may have an opinion on creating credentials

bradley: sounds like compromised may be embed-er can do web authn, and the embed-ee can do create

tony: why not just make it usable no matter what, and pin down the create.
... is there reason for separate agreement on get

breadley: yes, I can see service providers having issues, may open up attacks.

tony: maybe we take this to the Web Payments people.

agl: I will make a PR for next week

tony: that's good.
... adjourn

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