Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

24 Jul 2019


Irfan, Sam, Christine, paul_grenier, Dee, JF, SteveNoble, janina
Irfan Ali


<paul_grenier> Syncing a remote fork: https://help.github.com/en/articles/syncing-a-fork


Janina, announces a new role as an Amazon representative in W3C

<janina> Important to note that I will represent Amazon in the work of the AGWG

<janina> In this group, and in all APA work, I continue as always, as a W3C Invited Expert

New Membership

Irfan: a few profiles to be reviewed

TPAC 2019 (Coordination with various groups)

Janina: no updates, this week.

Irfan: list of working groups developed, including the CSS working group as the use cases are very useful. We can discuss whether we wnat to restart this discussion.

Janina: We do have some agenda that overlaps, but we may need to bring this up with the APA group. List may be useful, but we need to consider the outcome.

John: The CSS working group may need a justification for a bigger use case. They should care about this beyond just screen reader users

Janina: Absolutely, this should be important especially if it involves CSS.

Irfan: Will work to frame the discussion with Janina
... Second working group involves ARIA working group; including ARIA label Braille property.
... this is about assistive technology and needs further discussion, if ARIA label speech is going to be proposed; will follow-up and check if the ARIA working group will be pursuing and whether this is a collaboration opportunity
... another group proposed, by John or "Ringo" the Time text working grpup; align with them to see if we can sync up on use cases, and overlap of activities

JF: Time Text working group and the BBC news group would be interested in our efforts, worth our effort to track this down. They have a particular use case concerned about accurate reading of the news.

Irfan: One approach is to talk to the working groups, as well as, industry leaders, offline.
... another group to engage is the HTML working group.

JF: Socialize what we are doing here will help to get this moving forward.

Janina: we want to include SSML in HTML, as a necessity

JF: Can Schema.org achieve this with name spacing; need to identify similar opportunities for specifications and accessibility.

Janina: how does schema.org support this working group? SSML supports our efforts; if this approach doesn't work we can look at other alternatives.

<Irfan> https://www.w3.org/TR/string-meta/

Irfan: Another group is the internationalization working group; use group has many use cases around different languages and their approach is similar to our approach. This is a very important working group that we need to pursue collaboration.

Survey Questions

Irfan: Working with Mark to create questions for the survey; We need help identifying more questions. Single select approach with free text area, regarding preferred approach for SSML as attribute model.
... What other questions can we ask the AT vendors? A list of AT vendors to be posted. Please add any others

<Irfan> Apple - James Craig & David Singer Google - Lisa Palumbo & Dominic Mazzoni & Alice Boxhall Microsoft - Melanie Richards & Sara ??? & Brett Humphries NVDA - Jamie Teh’s replacement Orca - Joanie Diggs Vispero - Glen Gordon Mozilla - Marco Zehe? TextHelp - Martin McKay DonJohnston - Johnston Kurzweil - ??? Dolphin Computer Access - Noel Duffy Read Aloud Amazon - Peter Korn and Robin Dautricourt Daisy Consortium - George Kerscher & Daniel Weck Comcast -[CUT]

User Scenarios

<janina> The Russian word for restaurant will look like: pectopah

Irfan: Dee proposed user scenario with 'spelling' as measured in assessments, as well as the language attribute which can present some issues with test construct as well as issues with AT and end user comprehension

JF: testing the lang attribute requires correct use of the attribute.

Janina: need to also install language to avoid issues with parsing

Paul: These are all page level meta data
... working on Proof reader for use cases

Janina: We have a few weeks left. Documents need to be workable as a 1st working draft.

Irfan: We can publish them soon

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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