WAI Coordination Call Teleconference

17 Jul 2019


tzviya, janina, Joanmarie_Diggs, Rachael, Judy, MichaelC, George, CharlesL
Jean, Steve


<Judy> scribe: charlesL

<Judy> meeting: WAI Coordination Call

Scribe, rrsagent, agenda, next meeting date

Judy: next meeting date: would be Wed July 31


Upcoming announcements & publications

JB: Shawn will be announcing some translation items.

Janina: Working Draft Updates for the Personalization TF for our modules were published but not necessarily announced.

Judy: people don't know that we are doing with the publication updates on pronunciation.

Janina: home page at taskforce should also be updated regularly for the latest & greatest which would help.

Judy: if folks don't know we are working on these, but we need to push this information out.

George: Push communications is what people expect.

Judy: risk is if people don't know we are working on, folks may want to join, but people may create something on their own if they don't know we are working on these.

Michael: Roy published and is working on an announcement.

Janina: we haven't yet published a Public working draft, although we expect this before TPAC.
... it was published within the past 2 weeks.

Judy: we will try to get the announcements more timely.

Janina: it looks like captcha is done but there is still a few more days left.

Judy: what do we need for announcements when that is done?

Janina: got a lot of attention in draft section. Everyone wants to be included, some kind of splash would be smart.

Judy: Folks could do their own bragging, and did a blog post and then invite folks to comment. and we can link to that from ours.
... thoughts?

Janina: I like it.
... , I think the blog post please review, and we can convert that to now it has been finished. Yes I can do this.

Judy: if you can draft something and then copy Micheal, Shawn and I

Janina: Sure.

XR Access Symposium report, follow-ups, RQTF, Silver, teach-in, other?

Judy: virtual/mixed/augmented XR this past Monday/Tuesday, Leonie, Judy and Jason attended.
... , hosted by Verizon / Cornel Tech.

<janina> RQTF Minutes: https://www.w3.org/2019/07/17-rqtf-minutes.html

Judy: , 120 people attended
... , demos, breakout sessions on a dozen topics.
... , working on applying WCAG to XR space to see what happens / gap identification suitability
... , lot of organizations doing this.
... , VR/XR to do proof of concept in Silver.
... , CTA groups they are forming. W3C is starting groups as well Judy's action item to add these groups on a landing pages Web GPU, which may become a WG.
... , here is a lot of people who didn't know we are also working in this space.
... , Jason will take some stuff up as well as those in Silver.
... , Leonie and I will be discussing this further
... , on of the areas of emerging technologies that will affect many groups.

Tzviya: was there representation from the XR folks in W3C?

Judy: emerging technologies / a11y tie ins that may be one of the missing pieces.
... , there wasn't WebXR in W3C space conversations with Dom, Mike Smith working on alternative to WebGL, Oculus , Microsoft, and others had demos. There wasn't Khonos, with webGL/ webGLTF standards.
... , what kinds of standards that is needed captions, graphics, proximity, apis, authoring etc. we need to think in modular terms.
... , apa review request now when do you expect to do that? Josh OConnor and Judy

Janina: we didn't touch on that today, Jason and Geofreed have action items to review.

Judy: I may need to be included in those discussions

Michael: I can add a note to the wiki page to include you.

Janina: suggests we could have you join one of the APA calls, when Jason/Geofreed has looked at the spec. we need to then do a unified APA response.

Judy: can you give me a couple day heads up?

Janina: Yes earliest next week otherwise in early August.

Judy: Teach-In I heard Tzyvia expressed interest in.

Janina: I like the idea

Judy: A11Y Tech Teach-In

Audiobook availability update

<tzviya> https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/talkingtech/2019/07/15/audible-let-you-read-audiobook-youre-listening/1503387001/?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=usatoday-techtopstories

Tzviya: audible from amazon, audible captions for audio books. we have been talking about this in the publishing wg. we don't know the best practice and how publishers can do this easily. I don't know what the technology Amazon is using, I just thought it was interesting to share. It will produce pushback from publishers. Audio/Print rights are separate and publishers wont give that up easily. I don't know if they are going about th

is from the a11y point of view or not.

Judy: for an audio book version, wouldn't it be a transcript vs. a caption?

Tzviya: they are calling it audible captions, not sure if its generated text or a real transcript. see the link. I don't know the quality etc. Avneesh has been saying that this is needed to make audio books globally accessible.
... , possible for an audio book to exist if there is no text version, could be speech to text or a transcript potentially.
... , does anyone know how they are doing this?
... , no announcement just saw this article.

Janina, it mentioned dyslexia, I thought it was text generated, not sure if there is text highlighting etc.

Judy: does anyone have any more info or can find out.

George: Amazon has Immersive Reading, need to purchase print/audio versions and they have this as a product.
... , I will be visiting our friends from Kindle on Oct 18th. could do it then but have not had much success from folks from Audible.

Judy: sounds like this is interesting in a cross disability way. Tzviya, you mentioned in June 27th topic about Wendy Reid about a Accessibility Publishing Group

Tzviya: we are having a Publishing Steering meeting will be discussed at that time.

Judy: Will Ralph and Jeff be there?

Tzviya: Yes

George: Its a long day, full day meeting

Web Games accessibility workshop: https://www.w3.org/2018/12/games-workshop/

<janina> Also covered at RQTF minuted here:

<janina> https://www.w3.org/2019/07/17-rqtf-minutes.html

Judy: web games workshop went quite well good a11y discussions.
... , what standards are most relevant / helpful. webGLTF packaging format for graphics rendering
... , emerging tech, apa may be tracking, integration of RTT, RTC
... , RTC 1.0 is coming to a close
... , deaf community there are two polyfill implementations.
... , Janina and I were to loop back on this.

Janina: we should do that soon.

Judy: Janina/Micheal RTC WG said APA did a wide review how can you still have issues. 2 years ago. that should no longer be a valid review right?

Janina: in principle I do agree, I did that review, I can clear some of the issues by posing some questions but reviewing the spec again would be ideal.

Judy: would it be useful that a wide review was over a year ago is it still valid? freshness

Micheal: in general a year seems like the upper limit of that threshold.

Judy: if changes in the spec/field could affect this as well.

George: with 2 implementation requirements are these still valid?

Judy: that is why there are two polyfill implementations but both via pollyfill. A JS implementation might be relevant.

Janina: spec 194

Judy: I am also exploring something else internally are there ways we can log issues earlier before they are well explored/defined.

<tzviya> https://github.com/w3c/w3process/issues/130

Tzviya: Leonie has been working with Philip, on horizontal review process.
... , evergreen process and wide review / horizontal review.
... , how this affects candidate specs as well as evergreen.

Janina: RTT and other ways of showing text to the user, UA vs. underlying protocols how to transmit text, data stream of text can be represented in multiple ways.

Judy: how are we going to address this in the UA?

Janina: good question.

Judy: polyfill/JS approach is not as sufficient or robust for our needs.

<Zakim> janina, you wanted to discuss rtt, irc, short im, and webrtc

George: polyfill for RTT I would it should work with hearing lost so that kind of UA implementation should be fine, but it wouldn't be needed for blind since they are using the audio track
... , annotation specification was clear this could work spec perspective and data for blind but all the implementations were with images.

Janina: RTT wants to show it when it shows up but buffering may be needed for tts, this may be a UA issue, there are multiple use cases they need to cover.
... , this is the 2nd time we came up against this in authentication, we all agreed that it wasn't with the spec but in the UA layer.
... , we have been talking with this with Josh and others.

Judy: can George get looped into this…sounds like this need to be APA, can you agree to take this?

Janina: Yes I can do this and include George and Judy.

Judy: Captions/Dynamic annotated video only in Japanese looking to get it translated will keep you posted.

Reminder, CAPTCHA review in progress

<janina> http://www.w3.org/TR/turingtest

Judy: , CAPTCHA draft 9 more days left

Janina: one edit we got comment on internationalization which was changed.

Judy: did we get any feedback from Low Vision group?

Janina: no we did not.

<Judy> [JB: hi Jim, you there?]

Judy: seems to me that would be super relevant.

<Judy> [JB: Asks Jim if LVTF has reviewed the CAPTCHA draft...? -- might be useful to get TF input]

George: we have a chemistry CG call on the 25th. Charles I will send info on potential funding for this work.
... I will be on the call on the 31st.

Summary of Action Items

Summary of Resolutions

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