Pronunciation Task Force Teleconference

26 Jun 2019


IrfanA, janina, Dee, SteveNoble_, Christine, Roy


<IrfanA> looks like there is an issue with telephone line.

Yes, I am having issues too.

<janina> Yes, RQTF went dead just at 10AM

<janina> Webex still not answering here

<IrfanA> * what are the options now?

<janina> I think only some of us have audio

<janina> Ah, audio

TPAC 2019

<Roy> scribe: Dee

Irfan: There is a page that has been created. Need to get specific about meetings. We want to meet with publishing (Thursday). Irfan will send a list for meetings to Janina.

New Membership

User Scenarios

Irfan: changes added last week.

Paul: will give a more thorough read this week.

Use case document

Paul added informaiton. Irfan reviewed it. Will discuss with Mark.

Paul: part of the spec is the HTML unknown element. If browser encounters a tag that is not known, it uses essentially a div. If we were to use SSML, the browser would skip it. The issue is that it would not be valid in the HTML5 doc type. Need to get the spec updated.

Janina: will bring this use case to W3C group.

Paul: Will add to use case document to include custom elements.
... This would be something to demonstrate how it could be used.

Janina: Defined test approach for custom element is data.

Paul: I will write it up as SSML-, can be changed later.
... custom element is everything we can do to make it feel like SSML in the page. Data- attributes are not as well protected. It might be harder to use this convention.
... Not everything that is expressed in XML can be expressed in JSON. It may be best to keep things as close to XML as possible.

Janina: will raise this question with WebApps

Paul: comfortable programming either way

<Christine> Need to drop off.

Paul: next step to add custom element solution to the document and create demo

Janina: go with data-ssml for now
... x-ssml is fine

New Membership

Steve and Mark had a call. Discussed direction. Steve will put time in this week.

Irfan: Need to look at CSS speech document.

<IrfanA> https://www.w3.org/TR/2018/NOTE-css3-speech-20180605/

Irfan: This document is expired, but is useful for reference.

Need to account for why the CSS speech approach is not sufficient.

Gap Analysis


Irfan: We will review the timeline in mid-July.

other business

Irfan: Even though there is a holiday next week. We will meet next week.

<Roy> https://labs.w3.org/repo-manager/pr/id/w3c/pronunciation/25

<janina> Roy, your audio is very hot

Roy: use link to link GITHUB and W3C account.

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