Automotive Working Group Teleconference

25 Jun 2019


LaurentC, PatrickL, Ulf, Daniel, Gunnar, Benjamin, Glenn


data model confusion


Daniel is giving a recap regarding the discussion of the issue.

Ulf: explanation is needed to sort out the problems with understanding each other.
... the actual yaml creation is the domain tree. I would rather call it syntactic clue instead of specification.

Daniel: did you mean the yaml files are one specification and the rules are something different?

Ulf: I would like to have the rules in one separate document. These syntactic rules are used to build something.

Laurent: for me a specification is any document that is normative.
... any document has to be a normative document, a specification.

Ulf: I agree, we have a set of documents of different thoughts expressed in documents that create a complete specification. I think it would be interesting to have a word better than *rules* to get this set.

Daniel: yaml file is what describes what the tools work on. The data definition is like a sketch, how your domains graphs looks like.

Gunnar: we have to work on the naming, we could use the "2 data specification" and express that in the gen2 specification.
... maybe 2 should be written as a separate document.
... what confuses me a little bit is, we have a specific data specification for a domain which is written in yaml. That is not clearly distinguishable from the other parts.

Daniel: what I mean by yaml is, we could combine several function domains in one big file.

Gunnar: I am not sure if this is necessary for specification, it could be useful for implementation.
... But we have to be clear what is the base specification, the root spec.
... normally a specification comes first, reading from 1-3 it should be the other way around as it is easier to see the progress from left to right, not right to left.

Daniel: yes

Ulf: from a few small things I think we are on a very good track to speak the same language, use the same words.
... how do we go on from here

Laurent: this description should be in gen2

Daniel: I saw it in Gen2 as well, but parts of it would be in vss's readme as well.

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